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2-Character Alphabetical Country Codes - for all of the world's countries
A to Z - Atlapedia Online - tons of information on any country
ABC Interactive World Fact Book - get tons of information on any country
A Place for Kids! - fun site with world and ecosystem information
A+ Country Reports - country information from around the world
All About Earth - lots of facts and figures
All Country Info: from the All Country Info reference guide to country facts
All of the Embassies of Washington D.C. - links to countries of the world - Country Information, Regional & World Rankings
Ask the Space Scientist: nearly 200 questions about the Earth answered
Blue Marble Navigator - pictures show each month to illustrate changes in snow cover and vegetation
Capitals of Every Country - list from - geography, people, govt., economy and more!  Select country.
Chiefs of State - Current list of world leaders by country. Updated weekly
Cool Planet for Children - World - information on 14 countries from Oxfam
Countries, Dependencies, and Areas of Special Sovereignty Quick Reference - GEOnet Names Server (GNS)
Country at a Glance - quick statistics on any country provided by the United Nations
Country Backgrounds and Profiles - scroll down for lists of great information
Country Reports - for countries of the world
Country Studies - select from list of countries. Library of Congress - Website to the World
Countries of the World - complete country profiles from FactMonster
Countries of the World - complete country profiles from infoplease
Countries of the World - click in left frame
Countries of the World - information from
Countries With Multiple Capitals - article from Matt Rosenberg at
Country Statistics at a Glance - size, population density, GDP, inflation, more!
Countries of the World - information from
Distance Calculator Between Cities - displays results in miles and kilometers
Earth Science World Image Bank - 41 categories of pictures by the American Geological Institute
EarthCam - Webcam Network - Where The World Watches The World
EarthCam for Kids - Designed for children, webcams that are kid friendly, fun, and educational - Your window to the Globe
Extreme Science - find out the highest, lowest, biggest, deepest, greatest, thickest, etc. - world travel guide online
Gapminder World - custom charts compare states against each other
GEsource - World Guide - guides for over 270 countries and territories
Geo Teacher:  Country Studies.  Lots of useful links
Geohive - Global Statistics
Geohive - Charts on population, economy, area, energy, cities, nature
Geohive - Country Statistics. Select from alphabatized list. - climate, countries, country ranks, maps, flags, population
Geography Hall of Fame - world facts from FactMonster
Geography IQ - World Atlas, country rankings and currency converter
Global Eye - information on various global topics
Global Gazetteer - directory of 2,880,532 of the world's cities and towns, sorted by country
Global Geografia - country profiles, web cams, 360 panoramas, satellite images
Global Web Explorer - Linking with every country throughout the World
Globalis - an interactive world map
Glossopedia - scroll over the GeoSearch map and discover the world
Hillman Wonders of the World - world's top 100 wonders
Independent States in the World - list of all countries on earth
International Urban Areas Covering the Most Land Area - from Demographia
Infonation: Choose Countries - to make data comparisons
Largest 100 Cities in the World - from
Largest International Urban Areas - from
License Plates of the World - very interesting and fun research site
The "List" - continents, countries, cities, and tons more from
Lonely Planet - Destinations - get tons of great information on any country!
Mapping The World By Heart: Village of 100 - based on: If The World Were a Village
Moving Planets - lists cities, attractions, and industries by country
Names Files of Selected Countries - downloads from GEOnet Names Server (GNS)
National Anthems - 7 links to MIDIs, words, flags, etc. on national anthems
National Anthems of the World - From
National Geographic WORLD - Amazing Facts - far-out facts, animals, why in the world - central data source, handy way to graphically compare nations
Nations Online - a gateway to countries of the world
Nations Online Project - to improve cross-cultural understanding and international awareness
New Nations Guide - 24 since 1990 (from FactMonster)
Panoramic Earth - The World at your Fingertips - interactive maps and panoramic images.
Panoramio - Photos of the World
People and Places  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Places Online: - the World's very best place-based Web sites. Association of American Geographers
Portals to the World - from the Library of Congress
Rulers - current heads of state and heads of govt.
Seven Continents - discover the wonders of the seven continents
Seven Natural Wonders of the World - Ayers Rock to Victoria Falls
Seven Wonders of Our World - Auroras to Wisconsin Dells
SHOW®/WORLD - Select a subject and watch the states on the map change their size.
Special Interest Vacations Around the World - Order FREE Travel Brochure! - one of the world's leading providers of global intelligence - World map, world travel guide and community web sites
Then and Now - lists name changes of countries
ThinkQuest Library: Geography & Travel - great list of world educational sites
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory - get tourism info from many different countries
United Nations Home Page - 17 different topics to explore
United Nations Member States - 188 members including Kiribati, Nauru and Tonga
Nonmembers of the United Nations - 7 countries with links to info on each (Mining Co.)
United Nations Virtual Tour - from United Nations Cyberschoolbus
Virtual Field Trips - select world region from map
Virtual Tourism - select from many famous destinations
Virtual World City Tours - select from many virtual tours
Virtual World Country Tours - select from many virtual tours
Virtual World Tours - over 300 virtual tours
Virtual World Travel - select from many travel-related links - explore the world through images, flags, money, language, maps and other info.
Watch Travel Videos Online - thousands of videos to select from
Welcome to the Greatest Places Online - Amazon, Greenland, Madagascar, and more
Wonders of the World - Ancient Wonders, Current Wonders and United States Wonders described
World Almanac - 9 categories of information from infoplease
World Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images - Exploring the world, one vista at a time...
World - world atlas and tons of great geography facts
World Capitals - many include population (from FactMonster)
World City Guide - from
World City Maps - hundreds of city maps from the University of Texas
The World Factbook - from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
World Gazetteer: population figures for cities, towns and places
World Geographics - searchable directory of more than 6.000.000 geographic locations around the world
World Geography - from Go Social Studies Go!
World Geography - 21 categories of information from infoplease
World Geography - Games - more than 3 dozen games and quizzes from Geography World
World Heritage List - cultural and natural properties of outstanding universal value
World Knowledge Database - information presented by continent
World Maps & Satellite Images - by
The World Online - daily international news magazine
World Sites Atlas - Maps, hotels, travel information, photos, links
World Statistics - capital, area, population and more listed by country
World Statistics - in 6 categories from infoplease
World Stats and Facts - great stuff from FactMonster
World Surfari - select from 19 countries as of Aug. 1, 2001
World Tourist Attractions & Events - select country for attractions list
World Travel Guide - information for the traveller about many countries
World World - access information by clicking on flag of country
World's Largest Nations by Area - 186 countries ranked
WorldPhotos - photos from all around the world - the world at your fingertips!
Worldwide Governments on the WWW - government links for any country
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources - over 2000 annotated links
Zoom School Geography - explore the world with a new place each month

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