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About Earth - lots of facts from PlanetPals
All About Oceans and Seas - great stuff from
American Rivers - The nation's most endangered rivers of 2006
Aquatic Network - news, events, resources and more
Chesapeake Bay Program - America's Premier Watershed Restoration Partnership
Corals and Coral Reefs - lots of information from SeaWorld
Earth and Moon Viewer - view from many different angles and positions
earth fast facts - lots of facts from PlanetPals
Earth Pictures and Radar Images from Space - from NASA.  See any area, even oceans
EARTHFORCE - Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, avalanches
Earth's Oceans - An Introduction - from
Earth's Water - Games - over 50 games and quizzes from Geography World
Explore the Ocean - ocean and animal facts, endangered animals, sea world, and more
Floods - 7 categories of info from the USGS
GeoTopics - Rivers - from Internet Geography
Get to Know Our Ocean Planet - ocean topography and more from NASA satellite
GOES Hot Stuff - satellite photos and movies of places and events 1994-1998
Ground Water Fact Sheet - with diagrams from the USGS
Highest Waterfalls of the World - ranked by height from FactMonster
How much of your state is wet? - information from the USGS
Illustrated Glossary - landforms and bodies of water
International Year of the Ocean - 1998 - as declared by the United Nations
The Island and Lake Combination - interesting island and lake trivia
Large Lakes of the World - ranked by size from FactMonster
NASA's Visible Earth - satellite photos
National Marine Sanctuaries - from NOAA
Neptune's Web - An Oceanographic Voyage in Learning
Neptune's Web: OceanQuest - 10 categories of oceanographic information
Ocean Explorer - includes photo & video gallery from NOAA
Ocean Planet Homepage - travelling exhibition by the Smithsonian Institution
Ocean Planet - How Deep? - How deep can various animals and mechanical devices go
Ocean Trivia - interesting tidbits from NEPTUNE'S WEB
Ocean World - lots of ocean-related information!  
Oceanic - The Ocean Information Center - University of Delaware
Oceanlink - many categories of ocean information
Oceanography - Office of Naval Research's Science and Technology Focus Site.
Oceans - information from eWebGlobe
Oceans - from NASA's Earth Observatory
Oceans Alive - celebrates marine biodiversity and explores ways to save the oceans
Oceans and Coasts - NOAA Education - Specially for Students
Oceans and Coastal Protection - Estuaries and Your Coastal Watershed
Oceans and Seas - ranked by size from FactMonster
Point Nemo - point on the world's oceans is furthest from any land
Ponds and Lakes - lessons from Biologists
Principal Rivers of the World - ranked by length from FactMonster
Real-time Streamflow Data for the US - info from the USGS
River Systems of the World - statistics on major rivers
Rivers of Life - The Mighty Mississippi
Rivers of Life - Profiles of the World's Great Rivers
Rivers of Life - River Links on the Web
Rivers That Flow North - by Lois Aleta Fundis, Reference Librarian, Mary H. Weir Public Library
Rivers That Flow North - by World Atlas
The Seven Wonders: Natural Wonders
Suez Canal - from Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Summary of US Floods - 1970 Through 2004 - from USGS
Tides - 8 different links to tide information
Tides & Gravity Labs - four labs that teach the basic concepts of gravitational force
UN Atlas of the Oceans - 4 categories of information provided
Urban Rivers Awareness - The Academy of Natural Sciences
Water 2025: Preventing Crises and Conflict in the West
Water Cycle - from's Zoom Astronomy
Water for America Initiative - USGS
Water Resources of the United States - from the USGS
Water Science for Schools - many water topics from the USGS
Water Terminology - glossary from Graphic Maps
Water, Water Everywhere - pollution, water cycle, and much more
Water World - What would happen if the ice sheets melted?
WaterWatch -- Maps and graphs of current water resources conditions
What Causes the Tides? - step-through animation from PBS/NOVA
The World's Water - information on the world's freshwater resources
World Water Database - Canals, Lakes, Rivers, Seas and Waterfalls
World's Water System - diagram of salt/fresh water supply and other information

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