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Practice makes perfect!

Let's try some practice exercises.

Directions: For each question below, select which letter matches the correct latitude and longitude coordinates on the map above. Click on the correct button to indicate your choice.

1. 20º South, 20º East


2. 20º South, 100º East


3. 20º North, 40º East


4. 60º South, 40º West


5. 10º South, 40º West


6. 0º, 140º West


7. 40º North, 100º West


8. 80º North, 0º


9. 40º North, 60º East


10. 50º North, 120º East


You have completed all the sample exercises. You may:

1. Continue on to lesson 4.

2. Click here to review lesson 3.


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