Latitude and longitude

Using Latitude and Longitude - Instructions

Students in Mr. Bowerman's geography class will use latitude and longitude to locate the position of a sinking ship somewhere on the globe upon the completion of this tutorial with an accuracy of at least 80%.

You will accomplish this by completing the following steps:

1. Click on the rotating globe below to take the pretest.

2. After you complete the pretest, you must click the link on the pretest to access the first lesson.

3. You will read and practice the four lessons on latitude and longitude.

4. Following lesson 3, you will complete a Skill Builder Activity on finding latitude and longitude.

5. When you complete lesson 4, you will take a follow-up quiz to conclude this activity and you will find the location of the sinking ship on a world map.

6. Results of this quiz will be forwarded automatically to Mr. Bowerman

7.. If you have any questions during the lessons, click on the envelope at the bottom of the page to e-mail Mr. Bowerman.

Rotating globe

You must click the link on the pretest to access the lesson.



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