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A Brief History of Time Zones - article from the BBC
About Daylight Saving Time - History, rationale, laws and dates
Ancient Time - Time Throughout History And Cultures
Atomic Clocks - The Most Accurate Clocks in the World
Blank Calendar - printable blank calendars and planners
Calendar - put in any year and see the calendar
The Calendar Zone - tons of information about calendars and time
Calendars - from Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy - Free printable calendars
Clockworks:  From Sundials to the Atomic Second
Comparative Lengths of Days and Nights - from U.S. Naval Observatory
Connected Calendar - monthly with holidays and trivia - Classroom Connect
Daylight Saving Time - information from WebExhibits
Daylight Savings Time - history of DST and dates of when it begins and ends by year
Earth Calendar - see holidays from around the world
EDUNet's Timemachine - travel to past, select region to see what was happening - create your own printable calendars
Equinoxes - explanation from U.S. Naval Observatory
Free Printable Photo Calendar - add your own photos and print from your computer
Free Printable Calendar Templates - Create calendars formatted for Microsoft Word ®
Geologic Time - from Enchanted Learning Software
Greenwich 2000 Home Page - information on time and the Prime Meridian
Internet Atlas and Timezone Server - get time zone information and lots more
Leap Seconds - explained by U.S. Naval Observatory
Leap Years - explained by U.S. Naval Observatory
Leap Years and Our Calendar - thorough explanation of leap year rules
Learn to Make a Sundial - from WATCHSHOP. Thanks to Laney Jones and the kids at her community center!
Make Your Own Star Clock - tell time by the stars (individual or class project)
Making a Horizontal Sundial - instructions for individual or class project
Making a Sun Clock - use shadows to tell time! (individual or class project)
Measuring Time - includes both ancient and modern methods of measuring time
Multi-Cultural Calendar - by Month, Holiday, Country.  From KIDPROJ
Official U.S. Time - click time zone.   Also see world map of where sun is shining now!
Past, Present, and Future: It's About Time - several interesting, informational units
Printable Calendars - Free printable calendars at the touch of a button
Saving Time, Saving Energy - Daylight Savings Time
Sunclock - see where the sun is shining right now!
Sundials - building a simple sundial
Systems of Time - explains different types of time used around the world
time and - a guide to time zones, calendars, and more
Time Zone Converter - find out the time anywhere in the world
Time Zone Converter - Pick what time it is in one city and find the time in another
Timexpo - Timex® welcomes you to the Timexpo Museum! Waterbury, Connecticut

Today Date and Time - tons of links to time related topics
The United States Naval Observatory - Time Service Department
Universal Time - from U.S. Naval Observatory
US Time Zones - from U.S. Naval Observatory
(UTC/GMT) Prime Meridian current local time - from
A Walk Through Time - History of Time
The World Clock (standard version) - check the current time in many world cities
World Time - 36 time zones at a glance
World Time Engine - local time for any place in the world
World Time Zone Map - move mouse cursor over map and see current time at that place
World Timezones Map - with current time
WORLDTIME: interactive atlas, time info, public holidays
Year at-a-glance Calendar - select country and year to see full year's calendar

Time - Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, Trivia
How does a sundial tell time? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Spring Ahead, Fall Back! - Daylight Savings Time quiz from Family Education

Summer Time - jigsaw puzzle
Which is correct: 12 Midnight A.M. or 12 Midnight P.M.? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why do clocks run Clockwise? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why do we have daylight saving time? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia

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