Plate Tectonics & Continental Drift

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California Earthquakes - California Geological Society
Earth History - see what Earth looked liked in the past or what it might look like into the future.
Earth's Continental Plates - from
The Earth's Crust - map showing thickness of crust
Folding and Faulting Build Mountains - from Volcano World
GeoTopics - Plate tectonics - from Internet Geography
Hotspots - from This Dynamic Earth, USGS
Major Tectonic Plates of The World - Map of tectonic plates from the USGS
Maps of Ancient Earth - showing locations of the continents during continental drift
PALEOMAP Project - to illustrate plate tectonic development
Pangaea - information and maps from Sheppard Software
Plate Margins - Includes interactive slide show, animations and online Powerpoint presentation
Plate Tectonic Animations - dozens to choose from
Plate Tectonics - Berkeley.  Shows animations of plate movements
Plate Tectonics: The Cause of Earthquakes - many good maps and diagrams
Plate Tectonics Map - from Extreme Science
Plate Tectonics, Mountain Building - from GeoDetectives
Teaching About Plate Tectonics and Faulting Using Foam Models - L.W. Braile, Purdue University
This Dynamic Earth - the story of plate tectonics.  From the USGS
Welcome to Puzzles of the Earth - plate tectonics
What Causes Earthquakes? - lots of information on earthquakes and plate tectonics
You Try It: Plate Tectonics - A Science Odyssey

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