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From California - "Oh God of Geography lend me your Wisdom...I wish to be seen as a Geography God like yourself..."

From California - "Let me begin by saying how happy I was to find your site about a year ago!!  What a wonderful collection of geography links and how well-organized!!  Your site has been a real treat and inspiration... I am a math tutor in California and hope to model the home page of my math super site after yours...."

From Connecticut - "I am really impressed with all the sites you have on geography.  I immediately sent your address to all my teacher friends around the US.  Thanks..."

From Connecticut - "I am impressed with the multitude of resources you have organized.  ...I plan to visit your site as curriculum decisions dictate.  ...I am very grateful for the overwhelming material you have made available."

From Connecticut - "I am doing an internet project with my high school Environmental Science class tomorrow and will recommend this site to all.  ...Thanks"

From Connecticut - "Congratulations on developing and maintaining a world-class web-site...  I was looking for a comprehensive listing of resources on the subject of geography for curriculum.  I am developing for adults preparing for the GED.  Surfing into Geography World was a visit to a small planet that yielded a vast universe of knowledge.  Thank-you, Mr. B."

From Connecticut - "Just wanted to let you know how great your geography web site is.  I'm a Connecticut educator and staff member of the AAC area here on AOL. I teach geography, social studies, cultures in a middle school and also answer teacher pager mail for kids who have questions about geography in the AAC area of AOL.  I can't tell you how many times I use your web site as reference and/or refer my students to it when they have geography questions."

From Delaware - "I just visited Geography World. What a wonderful place...  Glad to have found you since your site seems to be kid as well as user friendly...  thank you for your effort.  It is appreciated."

From Florida - "WOW! Finally, a peer that I can truly appreciate! What a website! What I mean by that bizarre comment is that I have never been so impressed by a fellow Geography teacher's work. (or any teacher for that matter) I mentioned to my boyfriend, "I found somebody who work's more than I do." However, I do not hold a candle to the extent of your work... Congratulations on your success. Your page is excellent... Glad to know there are really cool Geography teachers out there!!! Thanks, I have learned a lot."

From Florida - "I am a third grade teacher in Aventura, FL. I came accross your site today and I must congratulate you! What an amazing site."

From Florida - "Your site is phenomenal..."

From Florida - "I teach in a Title 1 school and have plenty of discipline problems.  My kids (6th grade) haven't broken one school rule in two weeks because they are fighting to be chosen to get on the computer to play your games.  They love concentration.  Several of my students now know terms I haven't even covered yet.  You are making my day so enjoyable it is amazing.  I also have ended my absentee and tardy problems.  Keep up the great work!!"

From Florida - "I have selected to substitute teach geography for a month while the teacher is out on FMLA.  This site will assist me with projects and ideas during my time with them.  I plan on teaching full time in the area of science.  Your site has given me plenty of ideas that I can use to create a science based site.  Keep up the good work."

From Florida - "Thanks ... for all your work and dedication to the profession of teaching.  As a peer, I'm in awe of what you have compiled in this site."

From Georgia - "Your site is incredible.  Last week I did a presentation at the Georgia Social Studies Teachers Conference on the use of web pages in the classroom.  I told everyone about your site.  There are many horrible sites out there.  It is pure joy to find one like yours."

From Georgia - "I was looking for great sites to incorporate into a unit I am planning for Geography and this one is GREAT...Keep up all the good work"

From Georgia - "You are the man.  This is an excellent resource.  I am teching geography for the first time, and this page is full of great information."

From Georgia - "Mr. Bowerman...I'm placing a link to your extensive Geography World index on my webpage for the use of my students this summer at Kennesaw State University, many of whom are education majors. Excellent collection of links, you are to be commended."

From Georgia - "I teach 6th graders and will be teaching Geography 4 periods next year. I'm so thankful for your website! It has helped me so much! ...I haven't had as much time to focus on Geography like I should due to the other classes. Your website with your notes and Quia activities have been a God-send!"

From Illinois - "Fantastic page.  May I have permission to link it to my own (under developed) page?"

From Illinois (Dr. Wendy Shaw, Dept. of Geography, Southern Ill. Univ.) - "A very impressive homepage! :-)"

From Illinois - "You've compiled an excellent site on the web.  Kudos!  In a geography course for teachers today I used your site as example of an excellent resource for geographic educators.  Thanks again."

From Illinois - "We are using your Geography page a lot and the kids have really found it to be very useful.  I can't believe all of the information they can get from all of the links.  It is bookmarked on all of our internet computers!!  It is a gold mine!"

From Illinois - "A word of thanks from a Geography teacher in Illinois!  My students (7th graders) have used your page numerous times (as have I).  You've saved me some footwork and allowed all of us hours of pleasure with what you've created!  Thanks-again!  Keep it up!"

From Illinois - "I am a geography teacher in Manteno, IL.  I would like to say thay I really enjoy your site and have used it in my classes.  Your work here is really amazing."

From Illinois - "I am a teacher of 10 years, but this is my first teaching world geography. I landed upon your website by chance, and must compliment you on a comprehensive, thorough, and downright impressive website. You put Mr. Donn's pages and National Geographic to shame. ...Keep up the great work. I will be a frequent visitor to Geography World."

From Indiana - "Your new graphics are awesome!  My students and I use your page often.  Thanx for a great source of info."

From Indiana - "WOW!!!  Your Geo page with all the links is awesome!  ...your page is a gold mine of info.  You are officially bookmarked and my students and I will gratefully use your page often!  Thanx again for a super resource!"

From Indiana - "I teach 7th grade World Geo & Culture and I really enjoy using your Super Site!!  Thanx for all your hard work, I like checking out all your interesting links."

From Indiana - "I have used the site Geography World in the course of my instruction to my students here at ISU. It's a great site that is of interest to non-geography majors as well. Even some of the faculty have reviewed the site (after I suggested it!) and really liked what they saw. Keep up the good work!"

From Iowa - "I want to thank you for your impressive and beneficial site for students, families, and educators to utilize. The website is extremely comprehensive and student friendly."

From Iowa - "I thought I would drop you a note telling you how much I enjoy and utilize your web page.  Thank you from a Iowa colleague."

From Iowa - "I am a Media Specialist in a Junior High in Waverly, Iowa.  Our 7th grade social studies students and our teachers are amazed and grateful for your wonderful Geography World website.  Thank you for sharing your hard work with us."

From Kansas - "Interesting site.  I feel that my students will greatly benefit form this site.  Thank You"

From Kentucky (Univ. of Ky professor) - "I really enjoy your web site.  It is the best single list of geography related links I have seen on the Web."  "Your site is really excellent.  I am working on an article on using the Web in teaching World Regional Geography, and I plan to mention your site and include the URL."

From Kentucky (Morehead State geography professor) - "I have been using your site for a long time, and it is about time I told you how useful it is.  I also think its a lot of fun, Thanks"

From Kentucky - "Of all the millions of sites I've seen, ...your Web site is the best one out there for Geography teachers!  You've made it a lot easier for teachers to enhance their lesson plans."

From Kentucky - "You are providing a great service to geography teachers!  I teach Geography to all the freshmen at Mercy Academy, (all girls parochial school) in Louisville, Kentucky.  I end up going to your site all the time when preparing Internet activities for my classes.  Keep up the good work!"

From Louisiana - " Absolutely awesome geography resources website! I'll share this with many of my colleagues."

From Louisiana - "I am really impress about your website.  This will be my first year teaching 6th Grade Geography and I was looking for ideas, information, etc....  This is a WONDERFUL WEBSITE.  Thanks for posting it."

From Maryland - "I enjoyed your Geography web site.  It is fabulous!  I love geography and teach at Patapsco High School in Dundalk, MD (near Baltimore).  I'm going to pass your home page around to my students and those who share an appreciation for geography.  I don't know how you found the time and creative energy to have such a treasure-chest of information.  I'll be back to visit your page again and again.  I don't want to get political, but when I found your web page, I thought about George Bush's reference to 10,000 "points of light" in America.  Your web-site and your teaching of geography is definitely one of those "points of light" to which President Bush referred."

From Maryland - "I am a special ed teacher in suburban Maryland and found your web site while researching a report for a Geography course I am taking.  Your site was immensely helpful, interesting and fun!  Your students are fortunate to have a teacher who is so dedicated to his field!"

From Massachusetts - "Just had to let you know that I just came across your geography site...it is wonderful!   I can't wait to get to school tomorrow to show my kids!  Lots of interesting stuff...thanks for all your work...we sure will use it."

From Massachusetts - "Thanks so much for you're Geography World Page.  I teach Cultures and Civilizations to 9th & 10th graders in Marlborough MA.  This page is really going to help them with their Latin America Projects this week.  Thanks so much!!"

From Michigan - "Thanks for sharing this great site.  ...your Canadian site suggestions are wonderful.  Surfing through your pages has given me a reason why NOT to get caught up in the Academy Awards."

From Michigan - "As a fellow secondary teacher, I simply must tell you how in awe I am of your web-page.  I have a position at my school where I train other teachers in the use of the internet in their classrooms, and I cannot tell you the number of times I have run into your page over the last year or so.  And it always turns out to be the dead-end/motherload of great links/cornucopia of lesson plans!!!  I salute you, Brad Bowerman."

From Missouri - "I found your website on a search to help a teacher find a lesson plan, and I just had to email to tell you how neat I think this is!! I'm sure your students love you!"

From Missouri - "I am a student teacher ... I am presently putting together a unit on the tribes and cultures of sub-Saharan Africa and decided to write you and thank you for your SUPERB webpage.  It has saved me many long hours and has given me lots of ideas as to how to structure my unit plan.  I am incredibly grateful and pleased that a page like this exists. I'm sure you put in a lot of hard work.  Keep it up!"

From Missouri - "Mr. Bowerman - you are a genius!!! These activities that you have on this site are wonderful.. Thank you. I am a sixth grade teacher in a middle school in St. Charles, MO and I mainly teach Geography. I finally found something I can use in the classroom that I believe will be fun, learning enhanced, and a treat for my students. Our district frowns on us using anything that will be put on the hard drive so this site seems wonderful to me. I just "played with" a few of your games, but found them VERY valuable. I know this is long, but I wanted to let you know I impressed I am. Thank you."

From Minnesota - "Great resource!  It is nice to see a comprehensive and useful source for the teaching of the greatest subjects in the world."

From Minnesota - "I teach history and international studies here in Duluth Minnesota.  Thanks for all the work you've put into your website.  It has been useful."

From Minnesota - "I teach 8th grade world geo in Richfield, Mn. Your web site has been a really great tool for me to use. i appreciate the hard work that you did in order to create such a nice web site the is very user friendly."

From Montana - "...what a super page you have created.  I use it as an example for my students when I'm teaching about the Web.  ...THANKS"

From New Jersey - "This page is an INCREDIBLE resource-- thank you!"

From New Jersey - "...thank you for having such an easily accessible and well rounded web site.  I have been using your page as a guide for "mapping" out the world for my students at the Alternative High School here in Mays Landing, NJ.   They enjoy "find and seek" missions and your page has given them a great lesson in technology and the world around them. I commend you on such a well thought out and humorous geography link."

From New Jersey - "You have a fantastic site and many of our faculty have used it for projects on the web.  Thanks for letting us use your links.  I know you must put an incredible amount of time into this site."

From New Jersey - "I want to thank you for producing such a helpful site.  This is my first year teaching geography and your website has helped me tremendously.   The information presented is clear, coherent, and educational.  I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I use your website frequently."

From New York - "I'm a 5th grade teacher on Long Island, NY. We teach the US extensively, and I love geography, so I am always looking for US geography sites.  Your website is both informative and charming!"

From New York - "Hi, I was sent a link to your site by "Blue Web'n" and just love all the links you provide. I am a 5th grade teacher from the Rochester, NY area, and I will add this link to my web page. Thanks for all your work."

From New York - "This is a fabulous site with excellent resources for me as a teacher.  Thanks!"

From North Carolina - "During the development of a web portal for 5th grade teachers and students, I discovered your web site.  Some of the material on your site would be extremely valuable as a teaching and learning resource for the children in North Carolina.
We are spending large sums of money and investing too much time creating networked environments to have educators waste their valuable time hunting and surfing and wading through thousands of hits.  Thanks to sites like yours, teachers can spend their time using the information and planning for effective web-based instruction, instead of surfing endlessly.
...I thank you for this extremely valuable contribution to the Internet.  It is well done, well organized and a tribute to your expertise."

xxxxx xxxxxxx
Technology Planning and Support

From Ohio - "I enjoyed your web site very much.   Thanks so much for putting all the interesting sites on your web page.  I have bookmarked it so I can return many times."

From Ohio - "Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I think your site is awesome. I am also a social studies teacher (7th grade geography and history). I run a website through our school, but it is still pretty basic. As a 4th year teacher , I am still always looking for new ways to stimulate my students and your comprehensive links are a great asset."

From Oregon - "I've only recently come upon your Geog. World site.  I've been using it quite a bit these last 2-3 weeks as students in my 7th grade Research Skills class have been on the hunt for good geography resources.  My students and I have found the links you've provided to be tremendoulsy useful.  I also teach 7th grade social studies, which in my school currently includes a trimester of Geography and two trimesters of US Hist, up to 1800.  I'm excited by what I've found on your site, and have passed on info to other social studies teachers in my building.  Thanks."

From Oregon - "Wow! You must spend every waking minute working on your page! I'm impressed!"

From Pennsylvania - "I am a fellow Pennsylvanian. I've had the opportunity in the last few days to explore your site. All I can say is, "wow!""

From Pennsylvania (Jon Herman, Titusville Middle School) - "Want to know where I'm surfing? Check these out. I can't recommend Geography World enough either. Geography World - This site is incredible and many of my own academic links come directly from his site. However, whereas I will never have more than a dozen, this man has thousands upon thousands of great sites and resources. All hail Geography World!"

From Pennsylvania (former student) - " Dear Brad, How are you doing...great website...You sent me this site a few years ago...I am glad I found your site again...You are truly a special teacher...Keep up the good work...Congrats on all your honors...Hope you are having a great year...Thanks again for all the great lessons and ideas. Your Student, x. xxxxxxxxxx

From Pennsylvania - "I teach at the Lampeter Strasburg school district!!  I took a class at Millersville one summer and you introduced your web site to the class... I love this web site!!  I use it everyday with my kids..  I teach World Geography in 6th grade...  My kids are thrilled with your awesome work!!  ...You are awesome and you deserve every award there is!!  Thanks for helping me teach with cyber space!!!"

From Pennsylvania - "I am looking for a lake to take a small kayak to. I found this site and hit heaven for ideas of places to go and things to do. Whoever you are, Mr. BOWERMANB, thanks a million for your beautiful collection of great stuff to know. Wow! My school teacher friends will love this, too! "

From Rhode Island - "... an incredible website.  I was very pleased to discover all these teriffic links!  This will definitely help to make geography come alive."

From Rhode Island - "FABULOUS !!  What a wonderful job you did compiling these websites and info.  I can only imagine how exciting it would be to sit in your geography class.  Thanks for all the useful info.  My students thank you also."

From South Carolina - Dr. of Education at Wofford College, Spartanburg - "Your website is incredible. I have learned so much from it already."

From Tennessee - "I found your site through kidsclick.org.  It is wonderful!  Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for all teachers!"

From Tennessee - "I find your website to be fantastic! It is something to be real proud of. I have never seen anything like this in my short teaching career... Thanks for your dedication to 7th grade social studies. You have helped me this year more than you will ever know... You have quite a resume"

From Tennessee - "Your site is absolutely fantastic! Congratulations on your honors. They are well deserved."

From Texas (a Blue Ribbon High School) - "You have a fantastic website.  ...it will be a valuable tool for our students."

From Texas - "Your web site is the best I have seen!!  This web site is an excellent tool for the classroom."

From Texas - "This is my favorite website of all time!!!  You've got everything!  I keep passing the URL out to my geog. teacher friends here in Texas.  We love your stuff!!  Thanks for the great work!:):):)"

From Texas - "I would like to start by saying that your web site is awesome.  ...I teach 9th grade Advanced World Geography and US History...  I use your web site on a daily basis in one form or fashion...  Once again I love your web site..."

From Texas - "This is one of the best Web-pages for World Geography!!!   Everything you need could be here!!"

From Texas - "Your site is very impressive!  I'm the technology person for a k5 campus in Houston, TX.  We are getting ready for our 2 week multicultural projects and I came across your site.  It will be very helpful!  THANKS!"

From Texas - "I am a junior high librarian in Richardson, Texas.  I visited your website today and it is fantastic!  I will definitely use your site as a link on my Geography links page.  Thanks for sharing all your hardwork.  I found your site is listed in Web Feet and 101 Incredible Things to do On the Internet by Ken LeeBow."

From Texas - "I teach Pre-AP World Geography in Fort Worth, Texas. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your website. While, over the years, I have accumulated quite a number of websites for my purposes, there is so much on your website that I have not seen. Just a short note of appreciation. Thanks again."

From Texas - "I have written you in the past and have recently had an even greater opportunity to look at your website. I am more awed by your incredible work and obvious love for geography than ever. I wrote you about a year ago and mentioned that I was going to post a link from my 8th grade American history site to Georgraphy World. Well, it appears as if I'll be an even more frequent viewer and user of your site... About three weeks ago, I was drafted to the majors (high school) and was informed that I'll have be teaching world geography. As a teacher, I want to express my gratitude for your efforts. You will make my life much easier!

I must admit, I'm going to have to garner some humility. I am very much a person who always seeks "a better way of doing things" ... but you've made it clear that messing with perfection would be foolish. You are a life saver. Thanks for all that you do!"

From Utah - "Thanks for a great site and excellent resource!"

From Utah - "Mr. Brad Bowerman, at Lakeland High School in Jermyn, Pennsylvania, has just the coolest site you can imagine.  Check it out!"

From Utah - "Wow! What a great resource! I'm taking a class to maintain my teaching license here in Utah. The class is offered through a grant from Intel and the Gates Foundation to train teachers in the use of the computer/internet to improve teaching and learning. I can't believe all the work you've done on this. Thanks so much. You've made my life easier and the work much more pleasant."

From Virginia - "I visited your web-site while browsing for geography sites.  I teach 8th grade geography in Appomattox, VA.  It is wonderful!  It covers almost all of the material that I am trying to get my kids to learn.  I would like to link to it in my classroom.  I hope it is ok for me to recommend it to all of my 100 students."

From Virginia - "I'm a math teacher in Arlington, Virginia at Gunston Middle School. This is one of the most interesting, organized, and user friendly sites that I've ever visited. How long did it take you gather the information and put this together? I am truly inspired."

From Washington - "I really enjoy your web pages.  The Geography one will be used for several courses, including World Regional and intro to Cultural Geog--you have some useful sites.  Many thanks for the work.  I teach Geography at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA.  Keep up the work.  Many thanks."

From West Virginia - "This is an excellent site that I intend to use with my 7th grade geography students!  Kudos! Kudos!"

From West Virginia - " I found your web site a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since. It has been a great asset to the Geography class. I personally enjoy teaching geography - its fun, and I think the kids have fun with all the things that you have made available to us."

From Wisconsin - "Very impressive.....it's the first one I've bookmarked!  Thanks for providing all the resources.  I'm sure I'll use it a lot with my students."

From Wisconsin - "I teach middle school social studies with a primary emphasis on World geography.  Your web site is the most informative and well organized I have come across in several years.  We access your site weekly and go from there.  The kids love it, and it has been a solid addition to my program.  Thanks for putting out a Quality site."

Unknown - "I'm writing in regard to your page: http://geographyworldonline.com/culture.html. I wanted to let you know I appreciate all the effort you must have put into creating this page; I'm a 9th grade teacher and I've been including a small Architecture Unit in my classroom for six years now and have never come across such a useful tool to assist me in these lessons. Thank you!"

Unknown - "I can't thank you enough for your extraordinary web site!  As a first year geography teacher I visit your site several times a week.  It has been a tremendous aide in helping me develop interesting lessons for my ninth grade students.  Thank you for your dedication to geography education and please keep up the good work -- it is very much appreciated."

Unknown - "Wow, what a resource!  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  You have made teaching so much easier..."

Unknown - "You have a marvelous website!  I use it all the time, not only am I a highschool teacher, but I also tutor on AOL."

Unknown - "...it is very, very impressive.  I was pleased to see so much info. on culture.  ...viewing your site has given me enthusiasm to teach this subject."

Unknown - "Thank you, thank you, thank you.  What a wonderful website for me and my students to use to familiarize ourselves with the world..."  "Thank you for putting together a website that me, my students and my son can use for school and enjoyment."

Unknown - "...how great a site this is.  I am trying to integrate geography into my World History classroom and this is exactly what I have been looking for."

Unknown - "This in an INCREDIBLE site!  I was looking...if there was anything for social studies teachers...and this was the first thing I found.  Don't even have to look further!  Thanks..."

Unknown - "What a great site you have developed...  I have made it known to all school friends."

Unknown - "What a great site you have developed.  I like it mostly because it is geared up for kids and not old geography teachers."

Unknown - "Just a quick note to say thanks for all the great info.  I am a second year teacher who needs all the help she can get, and I will be using your site often this year.  What a wonderful job you have done..."

Unknown - "Thanks, Mr. Bowerman...you have the most incredible teacher resource website I've ever seen."

Unknown - "You have so much good information and I appreciate your sharing.  I will be teaching world geography in a brand new school this fall and I have never taught it before.  The items I have looked at on your site will be very helpful."

Unknown - "Just dropping you a line to let you know a fellow geography teacher is in love with your site.  It's great!  Those little "wow" designations helped me put together some activities today....take care and keep up the good , no great work!!!!!

Unknown - "I love your site.  I use it constantly...not only in the "real" world but in the "virtual" world.  Thanks for maintaining such a helpful site,...6th grade World History/Geography teacher Academic Assistance Center tutor (online tutor)"

Unknown - "Excellent site for Geography teachers.  I advise all Geography teachers to use it and tell their students about it."

Unknown - "This is the greatest site that I have used. I teach alternative boys, ages 13-18 in state custody. They have read very little, although they can. They have very few, if any, high school credits. Using these sites teach them when they do not realize they are learning. I make worksheets to go along with the reading activities. Thank you so much."


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