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Geographic Organizations
American Geographic Society
Association of American Geographers
International Geographical Union
National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (NCGIA)
National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE)
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
National Geographic Society
State Geographic Alliance Network - links to all 50 states

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Geographic Links for Teachers
101 Great Sites for Social Studies Class - Geography #80-83
All About Money Curriculum - 5th-6th Grade Lesson Plans
Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plans - more than 60 geography plans identified by grade level
Back to School Ideas, Activities, and Ideas - from A to Z Teacher Stuff - Connecting classrooms around the world
CNN Student News - news for students, resources for teachers
Copernicus Curriculum Matrix - resources, lesson plans, and activities mapped to academic standards.
Digital Library for Earth System Education - supports teaching and learning about the Earth system

Earth Day/Eco-Projects Chatboard - from
EarthStorm - formerly Educational Outreach for Teachers - science of meteorology lessons and data - Geography Education
Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Five Times Five: Five Activities for teaching the five themes - weather WebQuests
Education @ - lesson plans, teacher store, teacher community, more!
Education World® : Lesson Planning Center - Social Science
Educational Software from Owl & Mouse - great FREE geography downloads
Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plans - more than 60 geography plans identified by grade level
Elementary Social Studies - 5 categories of materials from
EPA Global Warming Site: Visitor Center - Educators - several good resources
Fact Sheets and Monographs - on El Niño and La Niña from the Climate Prediction Center
Field Trips Site - Antarctica, Deserts, Oceans, Rain Forests, Volcanoes, and more!
The Five Themes of Geography - from
The Five Themes of Geography - with lesson plans for teaching the 5 themes
Frontline/World - Culture - activities for educators from PBS
Frontline/World - Geography - activities for educators from PBS
Geo Teacher: Links for Geography Teachers
Geography Action! - Celebrate Geography Awareness Week Nov. 16-22, 2008
Geographic Education and Teaching Geography - information from
Geographic Education Websites - easy to use free resources you can use in the classroom
Geography Dictionary / Glossary for Students - Over 1400 terms defined
Geography Education @ - main page
Geography Education @ - geography lessons and activities
Geography For Life - the National Geography Standards (buy from
Geography Lesson Plan - Mountains - from Jefferson County Public Schools
Geography Lesson Plans - from Education World®
Geography Lesson Plans - from Geography Educators' Network of Indiana
Geography Lesson Plans - from (all grade levels)
Geography Lesson Plans - from Teachers.Net
Geography Lesson Plans - from USGS
Geography Lesson Plans - Xpeditions @
Geography Lesson Plans and Resources - huge alphabetized list!
Geography Lessons - - hundreds of lessons in 12 different categories
Geography Lessons and Teaching Tips - from Nystrom
Geography Resource Center - for Learning & Teaching in Higher Education
Geography Scavenger Hunts - more than 70 geography scavenger hunts
The Geography Site: coursework, teaching, lessons, information
Geography Teaching Ideas - currently 10 different activities
GIS in Education - teaching with and about geographic information systems
Google For Educators - Google Earth
Great Geography - 10 Lessons on the Internet - from Education World
Guide to Interactive Class Travel: Virtual Field Trips & eField Trips - Thanks to Anne Griffin and her student interns!
High School Social Studies - 6 categories of materials from
Historic Maps in K-12 Classrooms - Map and Lesson Index
Shop the History Education Store for Teaching Tools

The Internet Geographer - Web Directory of Resources for School Geography
Internet Lesson Plan Options - from Tippecanoe School Corporation
Lesson Plan Library - geography lesson plans @
The Lesson Plan Page - select your grade level for social studies ideas & activities
Lesson Planet - Geography Lesson Plans & Activities for Teachers
Lesson Planner - from
Lesson Plans - from Peace Corps
Lesson Plans from NY Times - Browse By Topic
Making Geography Fun! - several good ideas from Geography Matters
The Map Store's FREE MAP page - get free maps!
Middle School Social Studies - 6 categories of materials from
Mission Geography - curriculum support materials that link National Geography Standards and NASA.
myWorld Geography - take your classroom on a virtual exploration around the world and through time
National Geographic Bee - get your school involved!  I've been participating since 1990!
National Geographic Channel - from the National Geographic Society
National Geography Standards - to produce a geographically informed person who sees meaning in
the arrangement of things in space and applies a spatial perspective to life situations.
National Teachers Hall of Fame - Emporia, Kansas
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Education - Specially for Teachers
Nystrom Lessons and Teaching Tips - hands on geography activities
Oxfam's Cool Planet for Teachers - Brings global citizenship into the classroom
Oxfam's Cool Planet for Teachers - Resources - Africa
Oxfam's Cool Planet for Teachers - Resources - Asia
Oxfam's Cool Planet for Teachers - Resources - Europe
Oxfam's Cool Planet for Teachers - Resources - Latin/South America
Pen Pal Switchboard - from
Postcard Geography - exchange picture postcards with this "Class to Class" exchange
Postcard Projects Chatboard - from
Printables - ready-to-use teaching tools from
ProTeacher! Geography lesson plans for elementary teachers in grades K-6
ProTeacher! - 50 United States lesson plans for elementary school teachers
Project Learn Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere - a website for teachers
Reference Maps - 15 maps in .jpg and .pdf formats from | Free Worksheets - science and geography
S'COOL Resources for Teachers - primarily weather and science information
Seeing the World - Substitute teacher kit from
Share My Lesson - by teachers, for teachers - over 400 grade K-2 geography plans here
Share My Lesson - by teachers, for teachers - over 400 grade 3-5 geography plans here
Share My Lesson - by teachers, for teachers - over 500 middle school geography plans here
Share My Lesson - by teachers, for teachers - over 1300 high school geography plans here - Top educator sites ranked by popularity

Social Studies/Geography/History Chatboard - from
Social Studies Lesson Plans - from The Teacher's Guide
Social Studies WebQuests - Grades 3-5
Social Studies WebQuests - Grades 6-8
Social Studies WebQuests - Grades 9-12
Sports Geography - lesson plan from the Geographic Education and Technology Program
Staffordshire Geography Teachers Website - from the United Kingdom
Students Map Neighborhoods With GIS - Education World Schoool Issues
TeacherFocus - forums (message boards)
Teacher Channel - lesson plans, teaching worksheets and free stuff
Teacher Resources - from
TeacherVoices! - The Internet's Top "Teacher-to-Teacher" Communication Site - Arctic Regions - Arctic climate, geography, and more - Earth Day - the value of our environment and how to preserve our planet - Earth Science - the foundation of a student's scientific knowledge - Government - study of government and the Constitution - Immigration - sacrifices made by people settling in new places - Maps - Enhance curriculum with printable maps and statistical charts - Oceans - impact recreation, transportation, animal and human migration, etc. - Rain Forest - the diverse life forms of the rain forest - States - Resources for teaching about the fifty United States - Weather - help students appreciate the complexity of weather
Teacher's Store - from Discovery School
Teacher's Store - Geography - from Discovery School
Teachers Helping Teachers - social studies lesson plans
Teacher Tools - by Teachers for Teachers
Teaching Geography - 8 part professional development program for 7th-12th grade teachers
Teaching Tools - 7 useful tools from
Teaching With Topographic Maps - 25 Ideas for Educational Lessons
Top Teacher Weather Experiments - by Weathercation
USGS Education: 27 Ideas for Teaching With Topographic Maps
USGS Education: Our Changing Planet: Geography Lessons
USGS Learning Web - Teachers Main Page
Volcanoes - several lessons from the USGS
Volcanoes - Lesson 1 - 4 lessons and 2 activities Education Index - Explore the Science Behind Weather on Weather Classroom
Web Worksheet Wizard - create a lesson, worksheet or class page on the World Wide Web
The WebQuest Page - San Diego State University - lesson templates and much more!
What Do Maps Show? - 4 lessons from USGS
World of Teaching - geography powerpoint presentations to download
World on a String - Lesson plan to teach the interconnected world
Worldwise Schools - from the Peace Corps

ZOOM SCHOOL - about a dozen geography-related activities

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Puzzle, Game, Materials Making Sites
Awards and Certificates - from
Behavior Management Forms - from
Certificate Creator - Create and print certificates for school, work or fun!
Certificates 4 Teachers: Awards, Certificates, Diplomas, Printables for Students
Classroom Forms - from
Classroom Materials Generators - 15 useful items from TeAch-nology
Classroom Supplies from
Conference Thank You (Printable) - from
Crossword Puzzle Maker - from TeAch-nology
Cryptogram Maker - Awesome Clipart for Kids
Geoblox - Over 100 models of Science and Social Studies features available! - some FREE
Geography Clipart, Pictures and Photographs - Classroom Clipart
Geography Worksheets and Printables - from
Holt Grapher - make bar, line, or pie graphs with your information
Internet Coach Puzzle Center - you can make your own or use ready-made!
LessonCorner's Puzzle Makers - find or create your own free word search, scramble or crossword puzzles
Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle - easy to do!
My State Theme Unit - report and research forms to teach US geography by state
Personal Educational Press - create flash cards, bingo boards, and lots more!
placeSpotting - use Google Maps to create your own activities, add your own hints
Puzzlemaker - from Discovery Channel School - I have made many for my own classes!
Quia! - 30 day free trial! - I have made over 300 activities for my own classes! - make your own online quiz
Rubric Generators - 15 different types from TeAch-nology
RubiStar - customizable classroom rubrics
Sliding Puzzle soulman software - make puzzles from your own pictures
States of America Worksheets - 512 worksheets available when posted!
Student Handouts - in many categories from
Submit a Quiz - If you have written a quiz and you want to publish it
Teaching Tools - material creators from
Weather Wordsearch Puzzle Maker - from Awesome Clipart for Kids!
Web Quest Generator - inquiry based learning from TeAch-nology
Web Tools for Educators - cool stuff from Teach-nology
Word Search Maker - easy to use from TeAch-nology
Word Search Maker - Awesome Clipart for Kids
Worksheet Generator - free school worksheets for teachers

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Teacher Created Materials

Printable Puzzles
Antarctica - Crossword
Geography Label Me! Printouts -

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Earth Awareness School Assembly Program:

Enter the 20' diameter Earth Balloon to learn about our changing planet. Interactive activities. Learn about rain forests, the "ring of fire", geography, pollution, eco-systems, and more. visits schools everywhere.

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