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From Arizona - "I am a returning student and I am endeavoring to get a teaching certificate in Arizona...  When I receive my degree, I would like to teach high school social studies so I opted to take a World Geography class.  Your site has been very informative and helpful to me.   I know it will be helpful to my classmates and my future students.   Keep up the good work.   I wish I had the knowledge to create a site like yours.   It is a great resource and I intend to visit often.  Thank you again."

From California - "Hey Mr. Bowerman - Your website rocks!"

From California - "I am a student at San Jose State University in California and I am amazed at what you went through in putting together this web page.  This page covered almost everything I was looking for.  The page gave me information I needed to know in finishing up an extra credit research paper for my geography class.  ...your page is amazing. Keep up the great work."

From California - "What a wonderful site!  Full of great links, the games are fun, so diverse!"

From California - "Your web site is good and fun because of all the choices you have and all the games that teach you."

From Delaware - "Hi  I visited your web page and i think it is great and it helped me get a lot of information for me for my country report.  Thanks"

From Florida - "This website is so totally cool, and will probably save my geography grade! Thank you so so soooooo much! I'll be sure to come back for more homework help in the future."

From Idaho - "...I think that this page is great!  ...I was browsing the Web when I came across your page and I finally had to force myself to go to class, after three hours just at your page..."

From Illinois - "I found your site using a search engine and I wanted to personally compliment you on it.  It is very user friendly and it is a wonderful concept as well.  I am a high school freshman at Hinsdale Central High School and my very first World Cultures test this year was on the countries in Africa.  I have a difficult time studying usually so when I found your site, I was so relieved.  Your links made it easy for me to find lots of really useful sites where I could play study games and just learn a lot more.  I have your site bookmarked and I'm sure I will use it a lot, as well as I will pass along the address to my friends.  Thanks so much!!!!!"

From Kentucky - "I appreciate your quick response and your valuable information. I can see why my professor at Eastern Kentucky University, rants and raves about you and your website. He brings it up in his webpage and in his lectures, regarding how important it is. Thank you very much!"

From Massachusetts - "I can't believe the volume of choices and material that are offered on your web site.  I truly do think your site is absolutely fantastic."

From Missouri - "Great Web Site!  You've done a great job of researching -- and presenting."

From Nebraska - "Your web page is da bomb, I got an a+ thanks to your site.  thanks"

From New York - "Let me first tell you how excited I was when I came upon your webpage.   I am a Geography Graduate student who was looking in the web for some information on Peru when I came upon your page. I couldn't believe how incredible it is! I don't think I have seen so many Geo resources on one page! I am going to tell other people in my department about it. Keep up the good work!"

From North Carolina - "I've enjoyed taking a look at your web site and just wanted to drop you a note.  Hats off to a dedicated geographer!"

From Ohio - "Mr. Bowerman's website rocks! I learned a great deal from his efforts and look at it before I hit the sack each night. I will continue to dream about geography always!"

From Oklahoma - "I just toured your website looking for materials on biomes. You have quite an impressive site!!!  Your students are lucky to have you!...  Thanks so much for your help and for being such a true friend of geography!"

From Oregon - "I am a student teacher in Oregon and I have used your website many times over the past year in order to complete my assignments and to get ideas for my own teaching.  I really like the fact that you have organized the site so well.  You are on my "Top Ten" favorites list!  Thanks for the great work!  PS I am a Social Sciences major and plan to teach High School starting next Fall!

From Oregon (a former student) - "So I type in "Geography" in Google. I click on the first link and there's Brad Bowerman, my high school geography teacher from Lakeland. What a surprise! Very useful website...I was your student in the mid 80's...Glad to hear you’re enthusiastic about education and geography. Geography is sadly a weak subject for the American public. I remember your classes and (your wife's) as well. You both were good role models. Keep up the good work!"

From Pennsylvania - "I feel confident knowing that your web sight is just fingertips away from good, quick, concrete, needed information."

From Pennsylvania - "Your geography page is great!  It shall go on my bookmarks right now!!"

From Tennessee - "...just surfing around the internet this morning to find some new and cool Geography sites and happened to stumble on to your page. Wow! It's fantastic! I think this is the best one I've seen, you have some really great and interesting links on here."

From Texas - "...WOW, was I ever blown away!  That has got to be the most fantastic site I have ever seen...  Your site is an excellent resource for information..."

From Texas - "I have ben pulling my hair out trying to find a consolidated resource for basic geography.  Your web site has been a life saver!!!  ...the best links.  I couldn't keep using the site without letting you know how much I appreciate the work..."

From Utah - "I'm taking my first geography class I've ever taken at Weber State University (Ogden, UT) this semester (I'm loving it, by the way!). I needed some info and my wife, who's the director of our library, found your site for me. It's FANTASTIC!  I'm bookmarking your page so I can refer back to it when I'm in the classroom.  Thanks for a fantastic resource!"

From Virginia - "I am a student attending Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA and also in a commissioning program for the US Navy. I would like to compliment you on this outstanding web site! There are many useful links and pages here that help me considerably in my navigation class."

From Virginia - "My Geography class had a project to do and we used your website for the whole thing.  I love your website.  It is awesome...  I have always wanted to be a history professor.  I want to get a Phd and then be a history professor at a major college.  3 people had been there and sorta persuaded me toward this and the made my desicion definite, like a role model figure.  You are the first one,..."

From Washington - "You have a most interesting web page.  I was not aware that students were taught geography."

From Washington - "I am a senior at Central Washington University and I am majoring in teaching geography and earth science. I am doing a cooperative education class which is an independent study section. One of my goals is to find 25 web sites that pertain to teaching geography. I think I have an excellent start with your site."

From Washington - "What a cool site!!!  I am a college student who is taking a geography class as a basic requirement, but I am studying to be a special education teacher.  I am always interested in web pages and computer technology that gets students interested, and most importantly motiveated!  This is one of those sites!!  Even I had fun going through your page, and I learned a lot while having fun!  Just a note to let you know what a great job your've done!

From West Point, NY - "Your pages have been an incredible wealth of information!! THANK YOU!  I am currently a senior at West Point, the US Military Academy and am a Human/Regional Geography major. This site is an inspiration and has helped me tremendously."

From Wisconsin - "I applaud you for your geography page.  I am doing extra credit ... which involves locating suitable web sites.  This is one of the best ones I have found."

From Wyoming - "I came to Geography world for help with research for a paper in Earth Science for Elementary teachers.  I am a college student.  I found your site very useful and enjoyable.  I learned some new things and found the information I needed for my paper.  Thank you very much,"

Unknown - " has been of immense help to me in my college work."

Unknown - "...thank you for the beautiful and practical internet site.  ...I no longer need to go to the library to look for information.  Your site has everything and anything I need for Geography.  My grades for Geography has also gone up by leaps and bounds.  Thanks a lot!!!!!!"

Unknown - "We love you Mr. B!  You have helped us on so many projects!  We love your page!"

Unknown - "Congratulations on a excellent web page. Your page is the by far the best I have ever seen."

Unknown - "I just saw your page, your the geography guru man!!"

Unknown - "Thanks for putting such a wealth of information in one convenient place. I sell maps and globes, so this site is very helpful for me. Also, I'm a geography major in college and incredibly interested in the subject matter.  Once again, thanks for taking the time to construct a valuable resource for people like myself, and others."

Unknown - "I just wanted to let you know how awesome you site is.  I have a big project due tomorrow and don't have any info. but your site has everything i need.  Thank you soo ooo ooo oo much."


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