Natural Resources & Energy


Alternative Energy - problems, solutions, pros, cons (a ThinkQuest project)
Coal - Lesson Plans from Kentucky Coal Association
Coal-Fired Power Plant - Diagram
Cool Planet for children - food and trade - from Oxfam
Energy - from NASA's Earth Observatory
Energy Hog - information for adulta and kids
Energy Quest - Energy Education from the California Energy Commission
The Energy Story - 15 chapters on many energy topics
Fossil Energy: Education Page - from the Department of Energy
Fossil Energy: Home Page - from the Department of Energy
Fossil Energy: Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas - from the Department of Energy
Glossary of Nuclear Terms - from A to Z
How Water Towers Work - from the "How Stuff Works" Website
Journey to Geoterra: energy and pollution information from GE
Learning About Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Metals - from
Mining Coal - information provided by National Energy Foundation
National Renewable Energy Laboratory - studying energy for the future
Nuclear Energy Around the World - interactive map
Nuclear Energy in the United States - interactive map
Nuclear Energy Institute - lots of information on nuclear energy
Nuclear Reactors - diagrams of boiling water and pressurized water reactors
Oxfam's Cool Planet for children - food and trade - news and directory for the oil and gas industry
Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactor - diagram
Renewable & Alternative Sources of Energy - bioenergy, geothermal, hydrogen, more
Renewable Energy Policy Project - wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass
Salt - interesting information on one of our most important mineral resources - discover what soil is, life in soil and environmental threats facing soils
Strip Mining Coal - Photo
Surf Your Watershed - larn about water, land, people, air in your area.  From the EPA
TVA Hydroelectric Dam - Diagram
TVA Nuclear Power Plant - Diagram
US Department of Energy - sets energy policy for the country
US Department of Energy for Students and Kids - contests, games, quizzes and more
US Energy Intensity by Mode - which form of transportation uses the least energy?
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission - regulates the nuclear energy industry
USA National Gas Temperature Map - see what gas prices are around the country
Water Science for Schools - USGS. Many activities and much information
Welcome to Paper University - explore the world of paper
Welcome to the Pizza Farm - pizza-shaped farm in California growing pizza ingredients
World Resources Institute (WRI) - information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems
Worldometers: Energy - Energy Production, Solar Energy, Consumption of Energy, Oil and Coal

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