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Other Comments from around the USA

Comments from around the world:

From Amsterdam - "...your links are GREAT.  You have put together a well-researched and valuable list of materials.  I will certainly be back...  You have provided a great resource for the K-12 community."

From Argentina - "Congratulations for the most interesting and useful geography website and the enormous top information compiled."

From Argentina - "I love this site !! Excellent job!!"

From Argentina - "Hello! Your web-site is very good! I love geography so I decided to come here, Congratulations! Adis,..."

From Australia - "I have just discovered your Page:  what a brilliant job you've done !  This will keep me entertained for ages - I am also a Geography teacher here in Perth, Western Australia, and exploring the Net for all kinds of wonderful stuff: your page has made it that much easier - Thanks !"

From Australia - "I am currently in your web site in order to help my 8 year old learn the capital cities of the world.  I wish to commend you on your excellent site.  Not only has it helped with this subject but has sparked interests in other areas as well.  Keep up the good work and well done."

From Australia - "A very comprehensive and useful collection of material. Thanks and well done!"

From Australia - "Looks great. I am a geog teacher. Will pass on address to my students."

From Australia - "It was excellent, I went to everything in google, but just could'nt find any info, but here, was everything I needed just at my very finger tips. Thank you and keep up the great work!

From Belgium - "This is the greatest and most interesting geography site I've ever seen. Keep on the good work!"

From Brazil - "I don't speak english, but I understand the words more or less. Your homepage is sensational!"

From Brazil - "Congratulations (and many thanks) on designing a godsend for all Geography teachers and students.  We use your site almost daily as a resource goldmine and for pupils to research subjects further."

From Brazil - "You are the best, thank you so much..."

From Brazil - "It was very usefull !!!"

From Canada - "Great site.  ...I am quite impressed with the quality and volume of links you have, especially links...about Canada."

From Canada - "What a web site!  I'm a new teacher and a new internet user.... and I LOVE GEOGRAPHY, too. I will certainly be visiting your site often !  Thanks, from Ontario, Canada !"

From Canada - "I've just discovered this site and I want to say I find it very interesting. I'm the geography dept. head at Centennial Secondary School in Belleville Ont., Canada. I think the material here will be applicable to all levels of geography in our school. I also teach a GIS course which will also benefit from this site."

From Canada - "this site is really nifty. i learned lots about geography and it has really made think about this place we live in called earth. you are an inspiration to myself and others. i love you man."

From Canada - "Being such a popular geography resource (1000000 hits is amazing!), your website, Geography World, immediately caught our attention as being one of the best of its kind. I especially enjoyed your "geography quizzes" section as it helped me prepare for my national geography competition, the Great Canadian Geography Challenge, which in part thanks to your resource I was champion of at the province-wide level last year."

From Canada - "Wow! I plan on homeschooling my children and can definitely use a site like yours to help with geography, weather and other subjects. Thanks for all the time you've put into the site."

From Canada - "I realize you are probably a very busy individual. However, I felt it was necessary to send you an e-mail about your wonderful Canadian Geography site. I especially enjoyed the games. I am currently a student teacher who will be graduating this May. I wanted you to know how invaluable your site is to me. I will be using it as a supplementary activity students can participate in following the completion of their regular work. Thank-you so much for taking the time to post your ideas."

From Canada - "I like your Geography World website, it's really cool. I searched for the arctic on this website because I had a project to do for high school. I found a lot of information on this website. I have to be honest, geography is not one of my favorite subjects. I was never good in geography because it was kind of confusing for me. But everything changed when I went to this website now it's not that confusing for me. I just want to say thank you for your help..."

From Cayman Islands - "What a brilliant website you have developed. I am a geography teacher and I recommend it to all my students. Thank you very much for making my job a little easier!!"

From Cook Islands - "I am currnetly at the University of the South Pacific doing a degree in Geography and Land Management/Development. My favourite subject has always been Geography."

From Denmark - "...what a great site you've made - I'll tell my colleagues about it."

From El Salvador - "I recommend your site to all my 4th grade students and have used many of your on-line outline maps of US regions.  GREAT SITE!!!!"

From England - "thank you for your excellent website. It is really helpful for my Advanced level geography course which I am studying in England."

From England - "I have found your site to be very interesting as well as amusing. It is obvious you love your subject."

From England - "Many Thanks for all your hard work, as a primary teacher in England I have found your site one of the best yet."

From England - "I would like to thank you on producing what I consider to be the best website I have ever had the pleasure to visit.  Even though available time limited my visit you can be sure I will be coming back for more and will recomend the site to others. I think the site is relevent to all ages and will be of use to many people interested in geography...  Thank you for your wonderful site."

From England - "I am from London, England and i just wanted to say thanks to you for creating your web site as it was immensly helpful with my Geographical studies."

From England - "I am a pupil at Shrewsbury School, Shropshire, England and can I just say that I find your site very usefull indeed as it takes a lot of searching to find relevant material on the internet these days.  Thanks for the great site."

From Finland - "I would like to thank you for creating a really wonderful site!  I have found so many sites of great interest on your pages."

From France - "Your web site is a real "gold mine" about links on geographical subjects ; it's a very good idea ! It will certailny bring me new ideas for my own web site, so thanks."

From Germany - "I am a German teacher teaching bilingual geography at our school.  I just want to tell you that your web site is the best geography web site I have ever seen."

From Ghana - "wow, good job done. Pass in geog. is assured."

From Guyana - "Let me take this opportunity to personally congratulate you on your Geo website.  It is by far, the best I have come across on the net !!  I live in Guyana, S.Am.  I am forwarding your site to ALL my associates and fellow Geographers.  Keep up the excellent work !!!!!"

From Hong Kong - "I have found a supremely useful website. I teach Geography too, in Hong Kong."

From India - "Dear and respected sir, I really so happy to see your page..."

From India - "Hey Mr. Bowerman. My name Sunny Bhopal. Your sight very good. how come not much about my homeland India? My country is much beautiful. Thank you for good sight."

From India - "The site is wonderful. Since the day i visited it for the first time, i've become a regular visitor."

From Indonesia - "I am a geography teacher. According to my duty, It is the useful situs for me."

From Israel - "Beautiful!  Thank you very much."

From Korea - "Your site is very useful to understand the world.  I live in Korea."

From Lithuania - "Very nice and full of information web site.  Thank you very much!!!

From Nepal - "Hello sir, I am Kumar from Nepal. It is very good site. I have get more knowlage from this site about geograpy. Thanks"

From the Netherlands - "Very nice site on geography! As a graduate student in Economic Geography at Utrecht University it's always nice to see that there are still teachers (I presume) that are just as inspiring and dedicated to geography as the one I had in 'highschool'!"

From Singapore - "This web is wonderful. Thank you so much for creating this website. I(do hope there are more of this sort of websites."

From New Zealand - "I'm extremely impressed with this site.  I found more links to sites in 10 minutes than I've found on the net in three hours.  Thanks a million.  Tha amount of material contained is bound to appeal to all"

From New Zealand - "What a thorough and fun site Just what I've been looking for for my senior students. I really appreciated the great maps and diagrams to support the text. Wish I'd found this sooner for my students assignments."

From New Zealand - "Hi.  I am researching resources for a manual for teachers at TCS (a state distance education provider) in NZ.  I am impressed by your home page, and moved by its dedication.  Cheers"

From Northern Ireland - "I have just recently visited your site and have to say that it is fantastic. I am very impressed and very jealous! At the minute I am writing a website for our school - Slemish College, an Integrated school in Ballymena, Northern Ireland ... Your vast section has been a great help."

From Portugal - "I´m a portuguese geography teacher. I´ve read your page and I´ve enjoyed it very much."

From Puerto Rico - "I am a student from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I was recommended to your site by my geography teacher and it seems pretty cool to me."

From Scotland - "I have been visiting your site for quite a few months now and I must say that I am very impressed with your work.  It must take a lot of your time and effort but it looks great and I have found it a great source of interest.  Keep up the great work for geography."

From Scotland - "G'day  I am an Australian Geography teacher currently teaching in Scotland.  I was very impressed by your website and the amount of information that you have put onto the net and made available.   I have been using your populatin links page and the students have really enjoyed it especially the interactive games."

From Singapore - "... the Web page is interesting. I'm a second year teacher in Singapore, SEA and find web sites such as yours a tremendous help. Thanks."

From Singapore - "I am a Geography teacher in Singapore.  I chanced upon your site by accident!  I am very impressed with what you have put up for the use of students.  It is people like you who make learning geography interesting and give a good name to the profession of teacher.  Thank you"

From Singapore - " This is the best website I had ever been to."

From South Africa - "excellent Will visit in again in future"

From South Africa - "how are you? lovely site you have, couldnt ask for better."

From Spain - "I´m writing you from Madrid (Spain) to give my congratulations for your very, very good job, of gathering links, etc."

From Sweden - "Your site is the best I've seen so far.  It's obvious that you are in love with geography."

From Thailand - "great and funny"

From Trinidad - "I think this is a great site."

From Turkey - "thank you for such a rich-content website"

From United Arab Emirates - "It is very good page for explore the world thank you, i am student in UAE university, geography is my major."

From United Kingdom - "I am a regular visitor to your website, which is brilliant."

From United Kingdom - "Fantastic, keep up the good work."

From United Kingdom - "I've been a geog teacher in the UK for 8 years and this is the best, most comprehensive, most beautifully set out and most useful (to classroom and teacher) resource I have ever come across. Thank you so much."

From Uruguay - "Im Ramiro, from Uruguay. Im 14 years old and I like a lot geography. When I grow up I want to be a geography teacher. I saw your website and I want to tell u that its really great. It have a lot of cool links and information ! ...When I was 5 (1998), I memorized all the most important capitals of Europe and the world (of course, all America capitals). I like a lot watching Atlas and former countries history. All my father family enjoy geography too. I visited only 3 more countries than Uruguay; Brazil, Argentina and United States. ...Keep it going with the site !

From Yugoslavia - "You are great."

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Comments from around the USA:

From Alabama - "This is what I have been looking for since I got my computer. I will be back many times. Thanks so much keep up the great work."

From California - "The Lakeland Geography Page (now known as Geography World) is the best web site that I have visited to date.  I have spent the last three days trying to find a complete cource of information, in English, on Germany and found nothing that helped.  That is, until I found your page.  Thank you for taking the time to make such complete information available to the internet world."

From California - "I've been using Geography World for a long time now, and I would like to congratulate you for such a great Web site.  I would also like to congratulate you on having so many visitors.  It's a true achievement for a part-time venture."

From California - "What a wonderful site you've created!  It's intelligent and creative, and really draws the audience in.   I'm 36 and I was magnetized playing one of your concentration geography games.  (I forgot how much I had learned once---a million years ago!)"

From California - "Mr. Bowerman, thank you for your commitment to our young adults! I have two sons (Danny - 20 and Peter - 16.) They had a few very good teachers like you and a few not-so-good teachers. I wish they could all have been like you! If you wonder how I can know you're a good teacher, your passion for teaching and for geography and for the students shows very clearly in your website and in the photos of your classroom. Your talent for weightlifting makes you an even more interesting person. I hope my link brings more traffic to your web site so that others can see the job you're doing."

From Florida - "I am a Geographer who just received my MS in Geography/GIS/Remote Sensing. I was searching the web and ran across your site. It was very informative and geofriendly.  Your site makes me proud to be a Geographer!!"

From Florida - "Wow. What an amazing website. I just wanted to say thanks for putting it together. I am one of the unfortunate ones that was pushed through the system without having ever taken geography. I feel as if I missed a really important part of my education, and am constantly self-teaching myself. I really enjoyed your website and will keep it in my favorites!"

From Florida - "Awsome! Yes, a well worn term I know! But nonetheless accurate! I'm sure you get lots and lots of e-mails about your sight, but I just had to write and tell you thank you! Thank you! We are a homeschool family on limited resources and your site has rescued us from 1. the poorhouse 2. our lacidasical attitude toward Geography. Good work and thanks again!"

From Georgia - "I put this site in my favorites.  I have six children ranging from ages 7-13, 8th grade down to 2nd.  This site is a god send."

From Illinois - "Thanks for all the neat info on the website.  Really helped my daughter out - she is doing a report on PA... !"

From Illinois - "You have an excellent site.  I've admired it for several years now.  I've traveled extensively (country count = 23), so I like to think I have a pretty good feeling for what is important to know about geography (from an admittedly non-academic point of view).  Your site is overflowing with good and handy stuff."

From Indiana - "Your page is a hoot!  Thanks for not taking such an important subject so
t e r r i b l y seriously:>  I wish my 7th grade teacher had realized that geography is ALIVE and fun - not boring and dull:<"

From Kansas - "ALL I can say is wow! This is one of the best sites I have found, ever, on the web. I home school and your site is the best resource for history and geography! I bet you are an amazing teacher. Again I'm glad I found your site!"

From Michigan - "I just wanted to write and say WOW, thanks for all the terrific links and resources! My 13 year old and his sister (11) are boning up on their state capitals, and asked if I'd pull them a map off the 'net that they could use to study, and your site sure led me to a terrific map, somthing I couldnt find anywhere else! With all your terrific links, I'll park them in my good chair, to play with everything from license plates to state songs! Thanks for offering such a WONDERFUL site!!!!

From Michigan - "This is a great website for the kids and the parents trying to help them. Thank you for the creativeness."

From Minnesota - "If informative, educational sites like yours did not exist, the internet might be nothing more than a virtual brain-starved wasteland!... Thanks for the effort you put into making the geography site a fun and exciting place to be, especially for those of use who hold education very highly!"

From Missouri - "You have a great site that is very useful. Instead of using a search engine to find geography web sites I just come to yours. Thanks for providing all of the awesome links!"

From New York - "I stumbled across your webpage looking for crossword puzzle makers for my job (I am not a teacher). I just wanted to tell you that I think the website you put together is wonderful! You must be an excellent teacher, I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into your website. Keep up the great work!"

From New York - "Very nice website! Love all the color and links. Your site is a gold mine for Social Studies research."

From North Carolina - "... your site has been one of the most popular and helpful resources we've found on the web.  I belong to a team of exhibit researchers and developers that's helping to build Exploris, a non-profit museum about global education."

From North Carolina - "Great list of map links and more.  I wasted much time in several search engines and worthless sites until I came upon yours.  Now it is my ONLY source for anything concerning geography.  Thank you, and keep up the great work."

From Ohio - "Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Fabulous site and fascinating links."

From Oregon - "To say I was impressed with your educational website is an understatement. I cannot recall a private site Ive seen with such a wealth of resources."

From Pennsylvania - "This is a wonderful site.  You did a great job for everyone who craves knowledge in the field of geography.  My son is using your site to study for our state geography bee.  He is one of 100 students in the state geobee for PA.  This is a wonderful tool for him to use.  Most sites are too easy and teach him little.   This site will challenge even a student who is gifted in geography.  Thanks for a great site."

From South Carolina - "This is an incredible website. Thanks"

From Tennessee - "I was visiting your site looking for geography information, and boy did I find plenty.  What a great resource!  ...I really appreciate educational resources such as this compendium of geography sites!"

From Tennessee - "Thank you for placing such a great web site on the web! Wow!
What info!"

From Washington, DC - "Very useful site!  I am a Children's Librarian in Washington DC, this site will be a welcome addition to our "home work help" site"

Unknown - (posted on VegSource.com) "Subject: just found this great geography site, LOTS of links for free downloads and games etc. Date: July 21, 2002 at 6:13 pm PST
There are free geo games to download, quizzes,online games,even a jeopardy type online game. Lots of learning fun. http://geographyworldonline.com/USgames.html"

Unknown - "... I enjoyed your web page.  I was looking for a listing of states and capitals for my son to study for school... Not only did I get the information I required, but... there is so much more.  It is a joy to see a website jam packed with so much useful information."

Unknown - "I... think it is absolutely amazing!!  Definitely one of the best geography sites around..........I'll be back!!!!"

Unknown - "...Geography World is wonderful and I have bookmarked for my kids to enjoy."

Unknown - "Wow! What a site.  Nice job.  I'm not even that interested in geography but I had to bookmark youe site."

Unknown - "This is a great resource for geography. Keep up the good work."

Unknown - "This is one of the most wonderful websites I have ever seen, and believe me I have looked at millions! ...I am benefiting greatly from your web site and will visit it over and over, as will my children. Thanks for taking the time to create it."

Unknown - "Geopraphy World is great. Thanks for a wonderful site that is "kid-friendly" and not commercialized! This is what the Web needs more of, my kids will return here many many times. GREAT JOB!"

Unknown - "Very exciting.  More information than I can absorb.  Wonderful.  Thank you."

Unknown - "I have a nine year old and we find your page ....... I can't find the words. Please accept my heart felt thanks and appreciation for your efforts."

Unknown - "Hello Mr. Bowerman, my name is Sean and I love to view and look at various maps and find your website the absolute best in geography research... Thank you very much and good work on your site....it is very informative."

Unknown - "Your "Geography World" web site is impressive, easy to use, and extremely useful. Your site popped up after doing a web search through "Google." Thanks for helping me save time in my research efforts."

Unknown - "You've managed to assemble an amazing collection of timely and relevant links on your site. What a resource for students of all ages!"

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