Geography News & Information


Amusing Geography - fun information
Ask the Space Scientist: nearly 200 questions about the Earth answered
CNN - Today's Almanac
Current Events Images - from NOAA
Earth as Art Collection - satellite photos
Earth at Night - large .jpg picture from NASA
EarthNews - Timely, Topical, Trustworthy
Earth Portal - Accurate, Authoritative, Accessible
Earth Observatory News - from NASA
Earth Science Picture of the Day - each day a different image / photograph featured
Earth Today - A Digital View of Our Dynamic Planet - Smithsonian Museum
Earth View - Day & Night in realtime
EDC Image Gallery - Featuring Earth As Art 2
Encyclopedia of Earth - Browse by: Topic - A New Way to Get Answers from Real Experts!
The Five Themes of Geography - Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, Regions
Flickr: Explore everyone's geotagged photos on a Map
For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise - air, land, water, people, games, more
Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth - astronaut photos of Earth from 1961 - present - unofficial website about National Geographic Bee, made by 2003 participants!
Geo-Images Project - images (mostly photographs) that are useful in teaching geography
Geographia - online magazine with articles on many regions - climate, countries, country ranks, maps, flags, population
Geography - from
Geography - 44 topics from - many great geography resources
Geography Dictionary / Glossary for Students - Over 1400 terms defined
Geography Education - Global news with a spatial perspective: resources for educators and the inherently inquisitive.
Geography - - scroll down for huge list of great information
Geography Hall of Fame - world facts from FactMonster
Geography in Action - images, text, diagrams free from copyright if used educationally
Geography Label Me! Printouts - 21 printouts from
Geography Network - access a world of information
Geography News - The iNetNews Service
Geography Resources - from the NY Times and Learning Network
Geography / Social Studies - a few links for kids from KidInfo - the earth today presented by Houghton Mifflin - earth news presented by Houghton Mifflin
Global Warming Current News, Podcasts, RSS Feeds, Videos, Solution, Articles, Resources, Books
Glossopedia - scroll over the GeoSearch map and discover the world
Great Mirror - collection of almost five thousand photos of cultural landscapes
Helping Your Child Learn Geography - from U.S. Dept. of Education
History of Geography - from ancient Greece to 20th century US
Holt Researcher - search engine for history, culture, economy, and government
The Home Planet - Earth from space. (dozens of images from NASA)
The Internet Geographer - Web Directory of Resources for School Geography
ISS EarthKAM: Images: Collections: Themed - coasts, rivers, cities, and lots more
Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More - National Geographic Kids
Mission Geography: A Collaboration between GENIP and NASA
NASA's Visible Earth - searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations of earth
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic for Kids
National Geographic News
National Geographic Society
National Geography Standards - to produce a geographically informed person who sees meaning in the arrangement of things in space and applies a spatial perspective to life situations.
Nation's Report Card Geography 2001 - National Center for Education Statistics
New York Times: Environment
Places in the News - from the Library of Congress
Science Daily: Earth & Climate News
Science Daily: Fossils & Ruins News
Science Daily: Matter & Energy News
Science Daily: Plants & Animals News
Science Daily: Space & Time News
United States Geological Survey - USGS homepage
USGS Newsroom
Virtual Planetarium - great earth concepts for young people
What do Geographers Do? - jobs in the field of geography
What is Geography? - definition from the Assoc. of American Geographers
World of Astronomy - Use World of Astronomy menu on left side
World Science - Science News

Earth Awareness School Assembly Program:

Enter the 20' diameter Earth Balloon to learn about our changing planet. Interactive activities. Learn about rain forests, the "ring of fire", geography, pollution, eco-systems, and more. visits schools everywhere.

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