Earth's Land


About Earth - lots of facts from PlanetPals
America's Roof - Highest Points by State
Barrier Islands - Gulf Islands National Seashore
Continents - information from eWebGlobe
Continents: A Student's Resource - lots of information and links to information about continents
The Earth - lots of information from Enchanted Learning Software
Earth and Moon Viewer - view from many different angles and positions
earth fast facts - lots of facts from PlanetPals
Earth Pictures and Radar Images from Space - from NASA.  See any area, even oceans
Earth Speeds - How fast is the earth moving? Enchanted Learning Software
EARTHFORCE - Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, avalanches
Earth's Land - Games - over 40 games and quizzes from Geography World
GOES Hot Stuff - satellite photos and movies of places and events 1994-1998
Global land environments during the last 130,000 years
Highest and Lowest Points - listed by country - from
Highest Mountain Peaks - ranked by height from FactMonster
Highest Peaks - from Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia
Illustrated Glossary - landforms and bodies of water
Inside the Earth - core, mantle, crust - Enchanted Learning Software
The Island and Lake Combination - interesting Islands and Lakes with photos and maps
Islands of the World - locator maps and information pages from
Land - from NASA's Earth Observatory
Landform Atlas of the United States - lots of maps, over 1 million visitors
Landform Photos - 9 categories to choose from
Landform Picture Gallery - from
Large Islands of the World - ranked by size from FactMonster
NASA's Visible Earth - satellite photos
Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia - guide to the world's major mountain ranges
The Seven Wonders: Natural Wonders
State Highest Points - Map from
TerraServer USA - get satellite photos of your house
Terrestrial Impact Craters - photos, diagrams, satellite views, and more
Virtual Cave - browse the wonders of the underground
World Island Information - many interesting tidbits about the world's islands
World Land Areas and Elevations - from FactMonster
World Roof - Highest Points of elevation listed by Country
World's Highest Mountains - chart of six tallest

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