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56 London Attractions - 1 Ticket: The London Pass - I bought one of these on my London vacation - made vacation very pleasant! - information on France for students, travellers and tourists; over 130 original pages.
Amsterdam by Satellite - high-resolution satellite map and pictures
Austria for Visitors - articles and travel planner
The Best of British - The American's guide to speaking British
Big Ben Facts - About Big Ben in London
Britannia: Gateway to the British Isles - history / more
Bulgaria Travel - official tourist guide for Bulgaria
Cities in France - from OfficialCitySites
Cities in Germany - from OfficialCitySites
Cities in the Netherlands - from Big Daddy Data
Cities in the United Kingdom - from OfficialCitySites
Commonwealth of Nations Members - 54 countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations
Cooking / Food / Drink:  UK - from
Croatia Travel Guide - Travel information about Croatia from Lonely Planet
CroMaps navigator - lots of maps and geographic information about Croatia
CultureQuest World Tour - Europe - Internet Public Library
Discover France! - arts, culture, language, land, sightseeing, etc.
Eastern Europe Travel - from - Your Guide to the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Elisabeth & Teije's travel website - Info, photos, puzzles of several countries & cities
England Cities: Population & Density from 1890 - from
England for Visitors - from
Europe - discover the wonders of Europe
Europe - Games - 50 games and quizzes from Geography World
Europe - Vacation and Travel Resource - from Geographia. Explore the countries of the region
Europe - Watch Travel Videos Online
Europe for Visitors - Nearly 2,500 pages of travel articles, photos, and links
Europe Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Europe Vacation Packages - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
European Geography Tutor: - Freeware to download to your computer
European Governments on the WWW - government links listed by country
European History - from
European Union (EU, EC) - links to member countries and other information
The European Union (EU) in the US - news and information from the EU
Faroe Islands - language, culture, statistics and daily life
France - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
France - a guide to the Auvergne region - including towns and areas, culture, travel info and more
France For Visitors - from
French Culture - from
German Language - from
GermanPlaces - photo-slideshows and useful information (e.g. travel facts, cities, World Heritage)
Germany - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Germany -
historical, modern, busy, lazy, musical, tasteful, dynamic, picturesque, etc.
Greece - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Gross Domestic Product Data - France - 1999 - Demographia
Gross Domestic Product Data - United Kingdom - 1999 - Demographia
Historical Maps of Europe - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Holland Tourism - the official site of Holland
Iberia: Nature and Environment - guide to the geography of Spain
Iberian Peninsula - information from Wikipedia
Interactive Map of Europe - countries, capitals, and more
Ireland - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Ireland - geographical information from
Ireland's Best Hotels - find an excellent Irish hotel anywhere in Ireland
Ireland Travel - from
Italian Cuisine - from
Italian Language - from - Your guide to Italian Culture on the Web
Italy - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Italy - geographical information from
Italy for Visitors - from
Leaning Tower of Pisa - official web site
LookSmart - United Kingdom
Louvre Museum - Official Website
Maps and Satellite Images of Europe - from
Maps of Europe - from Internet Geography
Moscow, the Capital of Russia - photos and text
News Sources from Europe - provided by Kidon Media-link
Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Photos of Sweden, Norway, Scandinavia and Thailand - from François Lambert
Places Online: Europe - Association of American Geographers
Pocket Guide to Scotland - lots of information and links about Scotland
Resource Center - info, maps, flags, and weblinks on 15 former U.S.S.R. republics
Russia - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Russia Today - Daily News offers plenty for those interested in Russia
Scandinavia - links to Nordic countries and topics
Scotland - from
Scotland for Visitors - from
Scotland - digital picture gallery, beautiful scenery pictures
Sistine Chapel - Vatican City - super cool site showing inside views of empty chapel!
Spain - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Spain -
Spanish current affairs and its historical, linguistic and cultural development
Spanish Language - from
St. Petersburg from a different perspective! Travel tips, restaurants, Russian women and more…
Sweden - official gateway for Sweden
Switzerland for Visitors - articles and travel planner
Thassos island, Greece. Travel directory and photos. Information, nature and travel photos of the island
Tower of London - official site.
Transylvania, Romania - legend of Dracula
United Kingdom - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
United Kingdom - the Knowhere Guide -
a local's guide to the delights of a selection of towns in the UK
United Kingdom for Visitors - from
Venice for Visitors - The premier visitors' site for Venice, Italy
Virtual Field Trips - Europe
Virtual Finland - p
roduced by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Wales for Visitors - from

Weather Forecast - Europe

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