Educational Awards

These educational awards have been bestowed upon
"Geography World"

I am very proud of the awards on these pages.
Thank you to all who have judged this site worthy!

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Who's Who

Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2005/2006
"Who's Who will honor a select 5% of our nation's teachers...the only publication dedicated exclusively to the recognition of our country's teachers.


"The National Education Association confers its EdLinks Award - a symbol of cyber-recognition - to sites that are well constructed, are education related, and have significant value to students, parents, and teachers. Each has been recommended to NEA and reviewed by our teacher-consultants to insure that the site meets our award standards."

[Making the Grade]

"When a teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty and
truly makes a difference in a child's life they deserve special recognition."
Teacher of the Month Honors Luncheon
June 25th - Allanti Restaurant - Kingston


"Congratulations, Your site is one of 20 that has been awarded "Best of 1997" and has been featured in Education World's Special Edition "Best of 1997"! We carefully re-examined all of the 240 sites that we reviewed over the past year, and chose yours as the best of the year!"

[Los Angeles Times Pick]

"Geography World"
Times Pick Award
The Los Angeles Times
November 12, 1997.

"Want the basics? Visit Geography World to refresh your memories of places and things."


EDUCATION AWARD - Semifinalist

"This acknowledges Geography World for outstanding achievement in the third annual Global Information Infrastructure Awards.  The Global Information Infrastructure Awards honor the leaders in all areas of society and industry who use the Internet and network technology to create extraordinary results.  From commerce to community, the GII honorees represent models of excellence in a new era of communication and knowledge.  They show us what is possible when human creativity embraces the power of a networked world."

Teacher Education Award of Excellence

"As a sign of our gratitude for your commitment to education, your site has been chosen to receive the Teacher Education Commitment to Education Excellence Award."


"America Online Academic Assistance Center Web Page Award"

"Our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."


Top 5% in K-12 Education
"Provides well organized resources by topic and sub-topic. Mr. Bowerman teaches Geography. "

Educational Awards - 4

Reviews - 4

Educational Awards - 5

Silly Awards

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