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A Place for Kids! - fun site with world and ecosystem information
Amazon Interactive - exploring the Ecuadorean Amazon
The Animal Diversity Web - mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and more
Animals / Wildlife - from
Arctic Wildlife - from the Smithsonian
Biome / Habitat Animal Printouts - from
Biome Photos - 12 pages of photos currently available
Biomes - marine, tundra, desert, savanna, grassland, forests
Biomes & Ecozones - large categorized list of Web links gathered by I. Lee
Biomes: Living Worlds - incisive text, astounding pictures, beautiful movies
Biomes of the World - land, freshwater, and marine
Biomes of the World - The Wild Classroom & Explore Diversity
Biosphere 2 - visit the self-conatined manmade ecosystem
Changes in the Antarctic Ice Sheet - shows animation of seasonal changes
Coasts in Crisis - coastal conditions and problems from U.S.G.S.
Coral Reef Protection: What Are Coral Reefs? - information from the EPA
Coral Reefs - information from Ocean World
Creature World - click on a region to learn about its creatures (PBS)
Dams - World's Highest
Dams - World's Largest
Deep Ocean Creatures - What lives deep in the oceans?
Desert Biome - explore the desert
Desert Environment - North American Deserts
Deserts - information from eWebGlobe
DesertUSA - deserts of the United States
Ecofactor - newslist on ecology issues with commercial postings
Ecosystems / Biomes Games - more than 2 dozen games and activities - Bringing nature to life!  Habitat guides, Audobon field guides, more!
Estuaries - Characteristics - information from the Office of Naval Research
Everglades Natural Features & Ecosystems - information from the National Park Service
Explore the Fantastic Forest -
Exploring Estuaries - information from the EPA
Forests Conservation Program: WWF
Jungle Photos - Amazon Tropical Rainforest Photos And Information
General Sherman Tree, Sequoia National Park - photo of the world's largest living thing
GeoTopics - Ecosystems - from Internet Geography
Geography Action! Habitats - presented by the National Geographic Society
Giant Sequoias - famous trees, interesting facts, life cycle, maps, and more
Globalis - an interactive world map - human impact on ecosystems
Grasslands Biome - explore grasslands
Hawaii's Living Treasures - explore the flora and fauna of our 50th state
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Int. Union for Cons. of Nature and Nat. Res.
Inforain: GIS Mapping for the Rain Forest Coast
JungleWalk - Animal Sounds, Animal Movies, and Animal Videos
Just For Kids - activites from National Audobon Society
Learn About Biomes! - Biome Basics on 7 different biomes
Let's Go!: Around the World - Amazon Rain Forest, East Africa, Canadian Arctic
Living Things: Habitats and Ecosystems - Mega Site
Major Biomes of the World - descriptions from FactMonster
Mangrove - information from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mangrove Swamps - information from the EPA
MBGnet - Biomes, Freshwater, and Marine Ecosystems
Mountain Biome - information on Colorado's Rockies
NatureServe Explorer - An Online Encyclopedia of Life
Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf - Large Marine Ecosystems of the World
Ocean Animal Printouts - from
On the Line - tropical rain forests
One World Journeys - photographic exploration site of wilderness, nature, wildlife
Photo-Journey Through a Costa Rican Rainforest - from EcoFuture (TM) and Sandy Wiseman
Ponds and Lakes - explore these ecosystems
Ponds and Lakes - lessons from Biologists
Principal Deserts of the World - chart of information from FactMonster
Rainforest Action
Network - great site for rainforest information.  Kid's section
The Rainforest Alliance Home Page - with activities for kids and teachers
Rainforest Biome - explore the rainforest
Rivers and Streams - explore these ecosystems
Save the Amazon Rainforest - 17 categories of info about the rainforest
Shades of Green: Earth's Forests - explore the world's forests
Shoreline Biomes - explore many topics
The Sonoran Desert - 5000 Square Miles of Silence
Taiga Biome - the northern forests
Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome - broadleaf forests
Temperate Oceans - explore these ecosystems
Tropical Oceans - coral reefs and more
Tropical Savannas - photo, map and information
Tundra Biome - explore the tundra
Ultimate Guide to Biomes - information from
A Walk in the Forest - National Zoo| FONZ
Wetlands - explore the wetlands
Wild World@ - explore the world's ecoregions
Wildlife Conservation Society - mission to save wildlife and wild places across the globe
The World's Biomes - select from acquatic, deserts, forests, grasslands, or tundra
Zoom Rainforest - from Enchanted Learning Software

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