Ecosystems / Biomes - Games

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Avenue of Giants - Jigsaw Puzzle (Sequoias)
Barrel Cactus - jigsaw puzzle
Bison at Yellowstone - jigsaw puzzle
Blue & Gold Macaw - Jigsaw Puzzle
Bridge in Forest - Jigsaw Puzzle
Build-A-Prairie - choose the right plants and animals, watch the prairie come to life before your eyes
Bunny Ears Cactus - jigsaw puzzle
Cactus Flower - jigsaw puzzle
Desert Animal Puzzle - cool jigsaw puzzle and information
Desert Dunes - jigsaw puzzle
Ecosystems / Biomes - Java Games - includes 5 different games
Ecosystems / Biomes - Quiz 1
Ecosystems / Biomes - Quiz 2
Forest in Winter - jigsaw puzzle
Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles - Nature category
Friends of the National Zoo - games and quizzes
Jango Geography - from the National Mango Board
Mountain Pasture - Jigsaw Puzzle
National Wildlife Federation Kid's Page - over 2 dozen quizzes and activities
Palm Tree - jigsaw puzzle
Palm Tree at Sunrise - Jigsaw Puzzle
Sand Dunes - jigsaw puzzle
Sun Acacia Tree - jigsaw puzzle from
Sunup Cactus - jigsaw puzzle from
Swamp -
Top 10 - Largest Deserts - Can you put these in their proper order?
Top 10 - Most Forested Countries - Can you put these in their proper order?
Toucan - Jigsaw Puzzle
Tour Thru Tree - Jigsaw Puzzle
Towering Tree (Sequoia) - jigsaw puzzle
Tree Frog - Jigsaw Puzzle
Tree Types - Jigsaw Puzzle
Trees -
Tropical Sunscape - Jigsaw Puzzle
WWF Kids Quizzes - 24 animal quizzes

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