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Aboriginal Links: International - lots of links
The Bedouin - photo exhibit of nomadic Arabs in SW Asia
The Bermuda Triangle - a ThinkQuest project
Buddhism - from
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Government - updated weekly
Christianity - from
Cities/Buildings of the World - select country for photos
Cool Planet for Children - story chest - Explore the lives of children from different countries
Courty Ranks - Economy, Geography, Population, Social Statistics - from
Country Studies - Library of Congress (tons of information by country)
Cultural Expedition Tour Packages - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Culture Quest World Tour - from Internet Public Library - cultures, living and ancient, and world communication
Currency Converter - from GeographyIQ

Currency Converter - from
Currency Converter - from
Currency Exchange Rates - easy to use from travlang
Dale Lightfoot's Cultural Landscapes - photos from around the world with explanations.
Earth Calendar -
a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world
Ethnologue -
catalogue of more than 6,700 languages
Ethnologue Language Family Index -
from Afro-Asiatic to Zaparoan
Ethnologue Language Name Index - Listing of 6,800 main languages -
country index for languages of the world
Export-Import Bank of the United States - get trade information
Folk Music - from
Foreign Languages for Travelers - learn foreign phrases in over 60 languages
Gapminder World - graphics show development of countriesby indicators you choose.
GeoNative - to promote small country, minority, and native languages
Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources (Library of Congress)
Globalization Issues - from
Great Mirror - photographs of cultural landscapes
Hebrew Language - from
Highway Signs - view highway route markers, past and present, from around the world
History of Religion - animated map from Maps of War
Hinduism - from
Holidays - large list from Kids' Domain
Holidays and Festival Celebrations Around the World - from TheHolidaySpot
Holidays on the Net - learn history of many holidays around the world
Islam - from
Judaism - from
KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar - alphabetized list of many, many holidays
Language Dictionaries - for 281 different languages
Large International Urban Areas: Ranked by Density - from
License Plates of the World - select by country or region
Major Religions of the World - graph
Metric and US Measurement Converter - from
Miniature Earth Project - What if the population of the earth were reduced to a community of 100?
Modern Culture Studies -
talk about, learn about, and enjoy contemporary culture!
Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport - 27 topics from ancient to modern cultures
Mrs. Donn's Holidays Section - tons of holiday links and cultures they came from
Multi-Cultural Calendar - by Month, Holiday, Country.  From KIDPROJ
National Anthems of the World - From
National Geographic Channel USA: Worlds Apart Culture Quiz
National Geographic World Music - listen to samples of music around the world - Where Stats Come Alive!
Native American Indians - Art, Daily Life, Maps, Pictures, and Research by History Link 101
North American Indian Map Pages - links from Phil Konstantin
People and Places  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Rulers - heads of state and heads of govt. of all countries and territories, going back to about 1700
The Seven Wonders: Forgotten Wonders - stonehenge, the great wall, and much more
The Seven Wonders: Modern Wonders - CN tower, channel tunnel and much more
The Seven Wonders: Natural Wonders - angel falls, grand canyon, and much more
There's No Place Like Home - learn regional geography from the people who live there
ThinkQuest Library : Cultures - access Websites several related categories
ThinkQuest Library : Society & Culture - access Websites in 19 related categories
Travel Around The World: Notable Architecture - click on select country to see images - suggested by Mrs. Henderson's students!
United Planet - enhancing cross-cultural & geographical understanding to promote peace
Universal Currency Converter(tm) - find value of your cash in any other country
Voyages of Discovery and Exploration - study the great explorers like Marco Polo, etc.
Wacky (and not so Wacky) Laws Around the World - from Fact Monster
World Civilizations - an Internet classroom and anthology from Washington State Univ.
World Holidays - Index by Country
World Music - from the experts at
World Tourist Attractions & Events - events and festivals listed by city
The Worldly - world culture webmagazine by a staff of UCLA students
WorldWide Classroom - select country to learn about their schools - The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site
Yahoo: Cultures - links to hundreds of sites
Zoom School Antarctica - by

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