Conservation & Environmental Issues


Acid Rain - acid rain information from the EPA
Air Pollution - 30 information sheets on Air Pollution
Air Pollution in US Metropolitan Areas: 1997 - from
Air Pollution Trend in the US: 1970-1997 - from
Care2 - the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference
Clean Air Kids - Information and games for 5 to 11 year olds
Coasts in Crisis - coastal conditions and problems from U.S.G.S.
Conservation International - conservation information
Contour Farming - photo with descripotion of this major soil conservation method
Crop Rotation - photo with descripotion of this major soil conservation method
E, the Environmental Magazine: Current Issue
Earth Day - at Kid's Domain
Earth Day 2000 - from the Wilderness Society
Earth Day International Site - the only real Earth Day
Earth Day Network - lots of information on ecological issues
Earth Day Online - The Envirolink Network
Earth Trends - The Environmental Information Portal
Ecology Dictionary - from PlanetPals
Energy Hog - information for adulta and kids
EnviroMapper - Mapping environmental information from the EPA
Environment - Global Warming, Natural Disasters, Habitats, Going Green
Environment - Global Warming & Sustainability from LiveScience
Environment News Service - international daily newswire
Environmental Education Network - Student Resources on many topics
Environmental Issues - from
Environmental News and Humor - Grist
Environmental News Network - Daily Environmental News
Enviropedia - Air Pollution - Global Warming - Climate Change - Acid Rain - Ozone Hole
EPA Environmental Kids Club: Home Page
EPA Explorer's Club - for Kids! from the Environmental Protection Agency
EPA Global Warming Kid's Site - information, games, and links
EPA Global Warming Site - Environmental Protection Agengy
EPA Topics - environmental topics to research
Exploring the Environment - great activities for students and teachers
Explorers Club: On the Trail of the Missing Ozone
Global 200 - most critical regions for conservation from
Global Climate Change - A guide to contemporary and palaeo-climatic change
Global Warming - UK site with facts, activities, quiz, and links
Global Warming - 30 information sheets on Global Warming
Global Warming | Global Climate Change - from Enviropedia
Going Green - Environmental Issues and Global Warming News - Green Living Tips
The Green Guide - green living tips, product reviews, environmental health new
Green Living Information and Resources - Expert articles on going green
Greenhouse Effect - from's Zoom Astronomy
Kyoto Protocol - from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Muck, stink and poison. Pollution: a guide for kids by Tiki the Penguin
National Environmental Directory - environmental issues and environmental education.
National Wildlife Federation - online magazine with kid's section
New York Times: Environmental News
Ozone Depletion - 20 information sheets on Ozone Depletion
Ozone Hole Tour: Home Page - somewhat technical information
Planet Green: Sustainable Living, Energy Conservation, Earth Day
Pollution - latest news from arounf the world
Recreating the Greenhouse Effect - instructions for class or individual project
Recycle City! - lots of waste reduction and recycling information
SafeClimate - carbon footprint calculator
Science Daily: Environmental News
Scorecard Home - enter your zip code and find out what pollutants are being released
Sustainable Environment - An encyclopedia of sustainable development
Terracing - Picture
TreeHugger - one-stop shop for green news, solutions, and product information
(Un)Happy Planet Index - index of human well-being and environmental impact
US Environmental Protection Agency - "to protect health, safeguard the environment"
Worldometers - World Statistics updated in real time
Worldometers: Enviornment - 11 items updated before your eyes
WWF - Global Network - World Wildlife Fund online magazine

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