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70 South Polar News - news articles from Antarctica
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station - A Year at the South Pole
Antarctic - Watch Travel Videos Online
Antarctic Connection - photo gallery, maps, videos, books, more!
Antarctic History - the Antarctic Connection
Antarctic Maps - 13 maps from the PCL collection
Antarctic Sun - Antarctic News
Antarctic Time Line - 1519 - 1959
Antarctic Weather - live temperatures from 9 different stations
Antarctic Wildlife - the Antarctic Connection
Antarctica - discover the wonders of Antarctica
Antarctica Vacations - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Antarctica - CIA World Factbook 2000
Antarctica: the Frozen Continent at the South Pole - by's Zoom School
Antarctica Online - from Australian Antarctic Division
Antarctica Research Stations and Territorial Claims - map
Antarctica Resource Listings - from GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation Pages)
Antarctica Stock Photos and Images - over 1200 images from Fotosearch
Arctic - Watch Travel Videos Online
Arctic / Antarctic - similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctic
Arctic and Antarctic Information - Resource Center for Info on the Polar Regions
Arctic and Antarctic Maps - from
Arctic Circle - Resources, History & Culture, Museum, Virtual Classroom, more
Arctic Maps - 12 maps from the PCL collection
Arctic Regions - Arctic climate, geography, and more.
Arctic Studies Center - dedicated to the study of Arctic peoples, cultures and environments
Arctic Theme Page - access to widely distributed Arctic data and information
Atlas of Antarctic Research - create your own Antarctic maps (USGS)
Canadian Ice Service - data, models, maps, images, and lots more!
Canada's Arctic - choose from Polar Life or Polar Environments
Classroom Antarctica - activities for teachers and kids
Cool Antarctica - Photography, Information and Travel Guide
Culture Quest World Tour: Antarctica - Internet Public Library
Denmark / Greenland - information on the world's largest island
Diving Under Antarctic Ice - click "Gallery" for mant photos
Gates Of The Arctic National Park & Preserve - National Park Service
Geomagnetism - North Magnetic Pole
Greenland Guide - National Tourist Board of Greenland
the Ice - information and photos from McMurdo, Palmer, and South Pole Stations
"Iceberg" Page - pictures and information primarily from the Ross Sea
Images of Volcanoes in Antarctica - from Volcano World
International Antarctic Centre - Antarctic Visitor's Center
International Polar Year 2007-2008 - USGS Educational Resources
Landsat Image Mosaic Of Antarctica (LIMA) - from the USGS
Live From Antarctica 2 - for students, teachers, parents, and public
Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory - active volcano in Antarctica
National Ice Center - get ice and iceberg information from Antarctica and arctic areas
New South Polar Times - newsletter written by the staff of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
North Polar Map - 1885
Penguin Pages - 150 information pages and over 200 photographs
Physical and Political Maps of Antarctica - from Gander Academy
Places Online: Antarctica - Association of American Geographers
Polar Regions - information from Fact Monster
Polar Regions - information from infoplease
The Seventh Continent - a lot of information and photos of Antarctica
SILA - e-learning website connecting people to the Arctic environment and Inuit cultural universe
South Polar Map - 1894
South Pole - the Antarctic Connection
South Pole Picture Gallery - from University of New South Wales
Virtual Field Trips - Antarctica
Weather from Antarctica - Weather Underground

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