American Culture


270 to Win: An Interactive Map and History of the Electoral College
African-American History - from
African-American Migration Experience - 16,500 pages of texts, 8,300 illustrations, more than 60 maps
American Community Survey Ranking Tables - education, housing, income and more
American Cultural History - The Twentieth Century
American FactFinder - from the US Census Bureau
American History - from
American History: "Growth of a Nation" - narrated history from
American Indians - Native American Resources on the Internet - WWW Virtual Library
American Indians and the Natural World
American Indians of the Pacific Northwest - from the Univ. of Washington
American Slanguages - learn slang around the country
American Truths
Bizarre American Holidays Home Page - cool site
Black Voices - the premiere site for African-American culture and community
Change in Median Household Income: 1990-2000 Census By US State and District
Cowboy Culture - from Texas-Best Online
Current Events:  US Politics - from
Dialect Survey Maps and Results - 122 survery questions on the American language
Encylcopedia of Cajun Culture - to preserve and promote Cajun culture
Ethnic Web Sites - large list of ethnic links
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - Alaskan newspaper
Flags of the Native Peoples of the United States - select by
tribe to see flags
Funny Signs: This Week's Feature
The Geography of Seinfeld - see the sites made famous on the show!
Greatest American Trivia Challenge - from the Discovery Channel
Gross Domestic Product: States Ranked 1999 - from
Gross Product per Capita - Canadian Provinces and US States - 2001 - from
Gross State Products Compared to Country Gross Domestic Products - from
Governments on the WWW - USA. Huge list of government links
Guide for the Presidents of the United States - information on EVERY US President.
Thanks to Chris from Mrs. Cramer's class in Goodyear, AZ for the link.
Heard Museum - Native cultures & art
How did the idea for Santa Claus originate? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
How did Mardi Gras begin? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Immigration Issues - from
Interactive Poverty Map - the geography of American poverty from the US Census Bureau
Islam in America:  From African Slaves to Malcom X - National Humanities Center
Local Census - a plethora of statistical information about the United States of America
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - experience the West
Native American Indian by History Link 101
Native American Religion - 17th and 18th Centuries - National Humanities Center
Newspapers and Other Media Sources - USA - from Kidon Media-link
Public School Directory - Statistical information on all public schools in the United States.
The Quarter Craze - Have you caught it yet?
Race Relations - from
Religion in Post-World War II America - National Humanities Center
Simply License Plates - from US and around the world - Native American Arts and Culture - tons of great Native American links!
This Day in "American Indian" History - over 3000 historical events
Tlingit National Anthem:  Alaska Native Online
Totem Poles and Native Sites - lots of information and links to photos of totem poles
Uncle Sam Image Gallery - pictures / historical information about an American legend
US Citizenship Test - information manual to help study and prepare for the test
US Debt To the Penny - from the Bureau of the Public Debt
US Government Information / Resources - from the experts at
US House of Representatives Educational Links
US Indian Tribes - indexed by State
US Military World Interventions - interactive map
US Mint - requires Flash
US Politics - from
US Presidential Election Maps - see electoral and popular vote
US Regional Gross Domestic Product Data:1999 - from Demographia
US State & Canadian Province Gross Product: 1998 - from
US Urban and Rural Population: 1800-2000 - from
USA National Gas Temperature Map - see what gasoline prices are around the US
Voices of the Colorado Plateau - from Southern Utah University
What exactly are the "Twelve Days of Christmas?" - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Where Americans Are Moving (Map) Click on any US county to see internal migration
Why do we celebrate April Fools Day? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why does the Jack O'Lantern represent Halloween? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Why is Friday the 13th considered unlucky? - from Cool Quiz! Trivia
Zoom School USA - by Enchanted Learning Software

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