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53 African Countries in 10 Minutes - How many can you name?
Action Quiz - includes Africa. Hosted by Tom McLee
Africa - Quia Games - includes 10 different games
Africa Capitals Quiz - 18 different quizzes - 3 different types
Africa Capitals Quiz - from Quia!
Africa - Countries and Capitals - Free downloadable puzzle software
Africa: Countries and Capitals - Includes the countries and capitals of the continent of Africa
Africa Games - 10 games from Gamequarium
Africa Geography - 4 different categories from Triviaplaza
Africa Geography Quiz - from Triviaplaza
Africa Hangman Game - Created by Robert Hayes
Africa Map Puzzle - Free download
Africa Pop-ups Game - from Quia!
Africa Quizzes - 4 quizzes from - requires Shockwave
Africa - South of the Sahara - online quiz from
Africa Trivia Quizzes and Games - large number of activities available
African Geography Games - 9 games from Sheppard Software
African Geography Tutor - free download
African Jokes - compiled by Deep Blue Computer Services
AFRICAQUIZ Le site des jeux sur l'Afrique (in French only)
Camel in Desert - jigsaw puzzle from
Capitals of Africa - from PurposeGames
Capitals of Countries in Africa - games from Quia!
Capitals of Countries in Africa - 5 games from Quia!
Countries and Capitals of Africa - 5 games from Quia!
The Countries of Africa - from PurposeGames
Egypt -
Egypt Quiz - 5 questions.  Win a Trip to Egypt!
Giraffe - jigsaw puzzle from
Learn & Play - Africa FLASH Quiz - from
Lion Lite Grass - jigsaw puzzle from
Lioness Approaching - jigsaw puzzle from
Living Africa Scavenger Hunt - Created by Robert Hayes
Mt. Kilimanjaro - jigsaw puzzle
Online Africa Quiz - Created by Robert Hayes
Rhino - jigsaw puzzle
Saharan Gate - jigsaw puzzle from
Samburu Dancers - jigsaw puzzle from
Statetris-Africa - mixes the popular game 'Tetris' and geography
Test Your Geography Knowledge - Africa - interactive map - 49 questions (difficult)
Top 10 Countries - Africa - Most Populous
Top 10 Countries - Africa - Total Military Spending
Top 10 Countries - Africa - Wealthiest (GDP per capita)
Tree Africa - jigsaw puzzle from
White Rhino - jigsaw puzzle from
Young Lion - jigsaw puzzle from
Zimbabwe Jokes - compiled by Deep Blue Computer Services

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