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Geography World freely links to websites that are primarily of an educational or informational nature. Links to websites that are primarily commercial in nature are considered advertising. We offer advertising to commercial sites at very reasonable rates. In order to place ads on Geography World, please review our Advertising Rates below. Geography World is very highly ranked on the Google search engine. On a search of the word "geography", we rank higher than the National Geographic Society. We hope that we can do business that will be beneficial to both of us.

Based primarily on the following website: Howstuffworks "How Web Advertising Works" (check the section titled "The Result"), we have come up with the following advertising rates. According to the Howstuffworks site, banner advertising rates of 50 cents for 1000 impressions seems to be the going rate. Geography World's main page is averaging over 2100 impressions per day over the past 3 1/2 years.

Advertising Rates

Banner link (up to 468x60 pixels) on the Geography World homepage*:

Other links on the Geography World homepage*:
$200/year - micro banner (88x31 pixels) near bottom of the page.
$200/year - text link within fixed menu.

Banner link or text link on any other pages of Geography World:
$150/year - banner at the top of the page.
$100/year - banner at the bottom of the page.
$75/year - text link within links list.

*Due to high demand for links on the Geography World homepage, no discounts can be offered on these links.
Multiple ad discounts can be arranged for ads on other pages.

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