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10 Risky Places to Live in U.S. - areas prone to natural and other geographic hazards
50 States & Capitals - Tons of Information.  Click on any state
50 States Flags - click on state to see state flags
50 US State Songs - See words and hear MIDI files
1895 US Atlas Title Page
AASHTO: Interstate Highway System 50th Anniversary
Alaska - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
American Factfinder - lots of great information from the U.S. Census Bureau
American History - from About.com
American Samoa Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
American Sheep Industry Association - lots of information
Appalachian Trail Home Page - Katahdin, ME to Springer Mountain, GA.  (2160 miles)
Basic Tables Dynamic Report Generator - type in zip code for 1990 census info.
Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids
Best Places to Live - from Money.com
Boundaries of the Contiguous United States - animated map of historical growth of U.S.
Building the Windy City Home Page - architecture of Chicago
California for Visitors - from About.com
California - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Constitution of the U.S. - Text of our written plan of government including amendments
Culture Quest World Tour - North America (includes US) - from Internet Public Library
DNSstuff Free Geocoder - get latitude and longitude by entering address
Dumb Laws - select a state for a list of stupid laws still on the books
Defunct Amusement Parks - click on your state to relive the memories
DesertUSA Magazine - articles about the American deserts of the great southwest
"Do It Yourself" Color-Coded State Maps - make your own custom maps
Everglades Educational Resources - Everglades National Park
Executive Branch Agencies - The President's Cabinet
Explore the States - click on any state for information from America's Library
exploredc.org - Gateway to America's Capital.  
Exploring Chicago - great for visitors the windy city
The First Ladies of the United States - listing and biographies
Flag of the United States - tons of information on our National Symbol
Florida - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Gapminder USA - custom charts compare states against each other
geocoder.us: find the latitude & longitude of any US address
Geology by Lightplane - great aerial photos of many US landmarks
GEOnet Names Server (GNS) - contains 4.0 million features with 5.5 million names
Grand Canyon Explorer - lots of information and photos
Great Lakes Atlas (3rd Edition) - tons of Great Lake info
Great Lakes Bathymetry - many lake maps available - from NOAA
Great Lakes Information Network - learn ALL about these glacier-created wonders
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System - lots of information available
Guam Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Hawaii - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
Hawaiian Images - the Big Island
Historical Maps of the US - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Shop the History Education Store for Teaching Tools
Homefacts - community data about schools, attractions, weather, water, hazards and crime
HomeTownLocator - Community Profiles of 42,500 Cities, Towns & ZIP Codes
HomeTownLocator Gazetteer: Census Info, Physical and Cultural Features, Aerial Photos, more
Hoover Dam - on the Arizona/Nevada border
Immigration Issues - from About.com
Information USA Home Page - International Information Programs
Interactive Map of the United States
Interstate Highways - pick by number for length, connections, major cities, etc.
John Bill Ricketts - Father of the American Circus
Key to the City - City information for nearly every city & town in the USA
Last Chance Landscapes - endangered landscapes around the United States
Library of Congress Home Page - search the huge amount of information available 
The Lincoln Highway - the first transcontinental highway in the U.S.
Maps and Satellite Images of the United States - from Geology.com
Meeting of Frontiers: Alaska - history of Alaska
Mississippi River Headwaters Board - infomation on the river's first 400 miles
Mt. Washington Observatory, N. H. - where world's highest wind speed recorded
MountWashington.Com - visit Mt. Washington, NH.  Highest peak in Northeast U.S.
NATO Official Homepage - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
National Atlas of the United States - from the US Dept. of the Interior
National Scenic Byways - from US Dept. of Transportation
National Zoo - Washington, D.C.  Part of the Smithsonian Institution
Navassa Island Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
New England for Visitors - from About.com
New York - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
North America - discover the wonders of North America (including the US
Northwest US for Visitors - from About.com
OAS Homepage - Organization of American States
Online Road Trip for Kids: The 50 States - from The Classic CarNection
Places Online: USA - Association of American Geographers
The Political Graveyard - Where Dead Politicians are Buried
Postcards from America - selected as one of the TOP 100 educational Websites
Presidents of the United States - complete listing with biographies
Presidents of the United States - links, activities and information from 4 2 eXplore
Puerto Rico Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Roadside America - your online guide to OFFBEAT tourist attractions
Runthere.com - designed for runners, but has many cool geography applications
Sears Tower Home Page - Chicago, IL
See Washington, DC - contains links to all major attractions
SHOW®/USA - Select a subject and watch the states on the map change their size.
Smithsonian Institution - Washington, D.C.
Southern US Cuisine - from About.com
Southwest US for Visitors - from About.com
State & County QuickFacts - from the US Census Bureau
State Fact Sheets - population, employment, income, farm characteristics and financial indicators
State Facts for Students - from the US Census Bureau
State Flags - see any current state flag
State Mascots - click on any state to learn state symbols (tree, bird, flower, song, etc.)
State Symbols, Flags, Seals, Emblems and People of the United States - from NetState.com
StateMaster.com - compares US states with over 2,500 statistics
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. - Sampling of 1400 Tables and Graphs
TerraFly - virtually "FLY" over the entire United States
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory - contact state tourist information offices
The US50 - A guide to the fifty states
US / Canadian Parks - from About.com
US Census Bureau Home Page - great site for population information!
US Cities - links to information on many major US cities
US Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, Trivia - currently over 120 available!
US Gazetteer - Search for Information by Name, State, Zip Code
US Geography - maps, quizzes, printouts from EnchantedLearning.com
US Geography - select from 10 topics.  FactMonster
US Geography - select from 12 topics.  infoplease
US Geography Tutor - free download for Windows
US Government Information / Resources - from the experts at About.com
US House Of Representatives - contact your state's Congressman and much more
US Highways - from US 1 to US 830
US Maps - huge list from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
US National Debt Clock - check the current national debt of the US
US National Parks By Name - visit any national park
US Pacific Territory Maps - 24 from the PCL Map Collection
US-Parks.com - National Parks Info. Self-Guided and Pre-Planned Routes
US Politics - from About.com
US Secret Service - includes "Most Wanted" list
US Senate - contact your state's Senator and much more
US State and Territory Abbreviations - list of 2 letter USPS abbreviations
US State Map Collections - from Geology.com
US States - from Global Computing.  Links to all 50 state's home pages
US States - Facts, map and state symbols from EnchantedLearning.com
US Surname Distribution - type in your last name for map of locations
US Virgin Islands - music, science, language, people, more
US Virgin Islands Maps - from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
USA - United States Map - Geography - Maps, States, Capitals, Flags, Presidents
USA - activities from Enchanted Learning Software's Zoom School
USA 2004 Metropolitan Areas Over 1,000,000: County Based - from demographia
USA CityLink Home Page - Links to US Cities
USA Fact File - interesting facts about the US
USA Label Me! Printouts - many activities from EnchantedLearning.com
USA State / Map Quiz Printouts - with answers from EnchantedLearning.com
USA State Population, Land Area & Density: 2000 - from demographia
USA Vacations - Order FREE Travel Brochure!
USGS GNIS - get latitude, longitude, and elevation for any US place
USLakes.com - online guide to US lakes
United States Geological Survey - USGS homepage
United States Maps - PARC Map Viewer
United States Tourist Attractions Directory - Search for tourist attractions in the US. A US travel guide.
Virtual Field Trips - North America
Virtual Field Trips - NW US
Virtual Field Trips - SW US
Virtual Field Trips - US
Virtual Tour - US
Virtual Tour of the Capitol - visit our nation's capitol building
Washington DC Sightseeing Map - tour the major sites on this clickable map
Watch Travel Videos Online - huge selection organized by state
Weather Forecast - United States
Welcome to Central Park - NYC
Welcome To The White House - home of the President of the US
Who's Who in the Federal Government - lists all major government officials by office
Where Americans Are Moving (Map) - cool map using US Census information
You Are Where You Live!! - type in your zip code for interesting information

Zip Code Zones - Map of the US

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